Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fishing in the Wrong Pond

Friends! Romans! Countrymen!

I've been avoiding you, I'm sorry.  I haven't been ready for the necessary amount of reflection to post here, which is silly, but my brain wants to be a hermit sometimes lately.  I think I've been a little sad and lonely and lethargic, and I was having some strange stomach pains that were helping me feel like DYING, but I think they've gotten better.  I probably can't allow myself as much cheating on how I should be eating with Crohn's.  Suck.

So the weekend.  Friday I was home from work with a weird side pain that had gotten worse since Wednesday.  But Thursday night it had gotten really steady and dull (as opposed to just sharp when I coughed/laughed/laid on it) and I also had a near-pass out at home.  I'm glad the roomie was there, as I sort of zombie walked into the living room, feeling like I was about to lose it (with the ringing ears, sweats, nausea symptoms) and she freaked out about what color I was and ended her phone convo to get me water and watch me try to stay conscious for a bit.  It went away after about 15 minutes, but she put me in bed and took my temperature and it was very nice to have a nurse.  And she actually called a nurse friend of hers to explain my pain and that reaction and see if we should go to the ER...but the nurse said if I didn't have a fever, I could probably wait until the morning.  So I saw the doc Friday morning, and she sort of laughed at me for thinking I might have a hernia (I don't know) and also didn't explain the fainting, but said to eat a bland diet and rest.  So after the doctor, I did some work from home while propped on pillows on my bed, then made two different zucchini soups (well, a lentil soup recipe from Schmillie with bonus zuc) and a chocolate zucchini bread. It was fun and productive but it took all afternoon. At night I was pretty exhuasted, so in lieu of meeting Schmess and her sister for dinner, I watched Mad Men and then went to bed.

Saturday I felt pretty normal so I took advantage of the weather and weeded out our front garden plot. It looks great, and I think my favorite part is trimming hedges. Then I got cleaned up (and trimmed my own hedges, heh) and went over to Schmeather's to meet she and Shmannon for some hanging out/beer/falafel pitas, then we went out to Sunswick (where I had two pumpkin beers that were 9% know where this is going) and then Mad Donkey (another Astoria bar), and then I decided to head into the city to go to a friend's 40th bday party (my old friend from dodgeball...that i hooked up with years ago) and so I saw some of the old crew there, and we played pool (it was at Amsterdam Billiards) and it was nice. Roomie was there with a friend, but I was mingling so I didn't get over-roomied. I also met this rockabilly-type guy and asked him to be my date for the Avett Bros concert next week -- what? Now I'm not sure if I really want him to, but I have his number and we texted a little that night. Anyway, I left the party and was trying to meet back up with Schmannon and Schmeather, but Schmeath had picked up an Austrian and Schmannon had picked up a guy she hooked up with last week, and then Al texted me and wanted to play pool, so I went to meet Al and play pool. It was fun, but man, guys are disgusting. Not Al, but all other men, really. My cabdriver (who was just nice and not sexual) asked me on a date before dropping me off (I SAID NO) and then the other guys at the dive bar just felt it was OK to make creepy comments to me, so that's awesome. Al kept saying to tell him if someone was causing a problem, but it's not like I actually wanted anyone to fight, I was just getting annoyed at men in general. I know, not fair, but it was a bad run of creepers. Anyway, pool, Al being mushy and in love with me, a bit of bar cuddling/kissing, then he we walked me home and made me have a relationship conversation (it's so weird being on the other end of this) where I said as little as possible but apologized for hurting his feelings. Though now I remember he was also being very sexually complimentary and I won't disturb you with what he said, but lord, I feel weird having my vagina complimented in a bar.  AMIRIGHT?  And then bed at 4 am.

Sunday I was hungover and watched more Mad Men and Kick-Ass in bed and ordered Chinese and that's about it. At least I felt productive up until then, but I no longer wish to deal with hangovers in any other way but total laziness. Schmannon and Schmeather were back out and wanted me to come, but I couldn't imagine. Also I was super sore from weeding, so that's it.
And then Monday brought a rainy cold day and another tummy ache, so it was home after work and right into pj's and a Veronica Mars marathon.  Last night I had dodgeball, which was frustrating, as half of my team doesn't try very hard and no one wanted to go out afterwards.  Actually, that part was OK, as I was home and am not hungover today, just sleepy from staying up too late on the phone.  But my team is annoying, except for the three friends (two from kickball), and two of them were out of town and the third, engaged friend's FIANCE was there.  Lameballs.
So today my spirits are up but my eyelids are droopy, and so let's hope it goes quickly at work.  Let's also try to figure out what I need to change so that I don't want to run away to a farm somewhere. 

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