Monday, October 18, 2010

Hellooooo lovers.  How are we?

Let's talk weekend.  Friday night I went home with Schmillie for a yummy, healthy dinner that she made, which was a whole-grain tortilla wrap with chicken, kale, onions and tomatoes, and a little manchego.  So good for us.  Then we went to the Brooklyn Ethical Society (wine in tow, in a water bottle) to see a friend play bass. We caught the end of the "first act" who was really good (and the boy was cutish), then the second act was terrible and the leader of that band was just really cocky and also, after they'd played a song or two, he turned one way in the spotlight and we realized he had a giant goiter on his cheek. Then we could not stop laughing (Schmils was crying) so we waited outside the room until they were done sucking. Then friend's band was good and he sang and it was fun. Then we went to a bar for a beer (and I could have possibly had a love connection with the accordion player but I didn't have the energy) before heading home on the subway like good (tired) girls.

Saturday I met Schmammi for brunch at Il Bambino, which was lovely and chatty and we compared online dating notes, then we walked to my library so I could get the book club book (and one non-fiction about the creators of Nancy Drew! I'm so excited!), then she got the train and I walked home for room cleaning and a nap. Hike and I were texting and he had plans with friends in Astoria that night and asked if I'd want to come along, and though he didn't know the exact plans, he'd keep me posted. I wanted to have a drink with Schmeather and/or Schmannon, but Schmeather was meeting someone in Manhattan and Schmannon was going to a wedding, so I hung out at home for awhile, taking a bubble bath, reading, and having an upset stomach (I don't know why!) Al called to see if I wanted to play pool, but I ignored it.  I may be mean, but I have to be, right?

Around 9:30 Hike texts again and his friends had decided to go into the city but he stayed in Astoria, so we made plans to meet up for beers. (I was feeling better by then.  I chewed Tums, swallowed Gas-X, and something seemed to work.) He picked me up in his Altima (oh yeah) and we went to Sunswick. It was an awesome date two. We drank Pumking beer, talked non-stop, enjoyed the live music, made fun of Frenchies sitting near us, bonded with the bartenders, and were increasingly romantic.

Then Sunday I spoke to Mex (I tried to call Saturday and he gave me this whole text rigmarole about how he was busy and he'd call Sunday, and I said it wasn't fair that it was on his schedule, and he told me to pick a time Sunday so it'd be on my schedule, and I was like whatever, I don't know when on Sunday but we'll talk.) He apologized for texting, I said I'd like him to delete my number and I don't want to talk to him while he's drinking (I meant like in general drinking, in his life, but I think it came across as literally while he's drunk, but whatever), and he said he thought of that too so that it wouldn't happen again, so he'd do it when we hung up. And that was mostly it -- he said he's been "thinking" about the drinking problem and trying to be better, but yeah, heard that before. But instead of getting into it I just thanked him (for agreeing to delete) and said goodbye. It was fine and I was plenty distracted by the Hike thing to be too sad.  And Schmillie's the one who advised me to call him and ask him to delete, and I think it was a good idea.  I don't want to live with the threat of a looming Mex-Text Bomb (aka a burrito?) over my head.

So then I Skyped with Britch for a bit, napped, then met Schmannon and Schmeather at Mad Donkey for a beer and a burger, then I got sick in a bathroom way and went home. I was watching Fringe, and Hike texted and we chatted a little bit, and then I went to bed.  I am really excited that he's been so communicative with me -- he hasn't really given me time to worry about him disappearing.  Not that that means he won't, but so far I've been very sane with this thing, if I do say so myself.

I'm pretty crushy here, but we'll see how it goes. It feels so new and different with him, and that's good. I don't think I'm ahead of myself, though...but I'm enjoying it!  And then I have a date on Wednesday with someone else (not from online), so that should at least give me a distraction IN CASE I get too worked up over Hike.  Hike knows about the date, too, so no secrets or possible guilt problems. 

Tonight I need to do some laundry and that's my main, very exciting plan.  The week will be busy-ish again with dodgeball tomorrow night and then a date on Wednesday, and HOPEFULLY a third date with Hike in my future.

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