Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'll Pommes Your Frites

Stevie, reporting for duty.  Let's talk about last night.

Before the date began, I met up with my old boss in publishing, the fabulous MoMo.  We had a drink at Bill's (aka Bill's Gay Nineties), I met her ex-boyfriend, and we caught up for an hour.  I wish we had longer, but she'll be back in town soon.  She's so supportive and fun, and I miss her.

The Avett Brothers concert was amazing. The curtains opened on LANGHORNE EFFING SLIM, my boyfriend and Schmillie's ex-boyfriend, singing solo, then the Avetts come out and it's great, and they have some other guests throughout the night (including this woman with an amazing voice who I can't find online, and I want to listen to more), and Langhorne comes back for a few songs, and they talked about how when you play Radio City, you bring your family, and it was just awesome. They played for two hours, they kept up a good pace, and it was totally worth the ticket price.  Here's Langhorne, swoon:

My date Hike was sweet, nice, fun, etc. It was a really great night. And he's not the type I'm used to, but I think that's also good. He just seems happy and together and not too serious, and also so clean-cut. So why not try it, right? It's funny sort-of liking two boys at once, because I get flashes of "Oh I have to decide," but I DON'T. Especially since who knows if either will actually ask me out again. It's fun dating multiple people, as long as none are too serious, which obviously they're not now.

And I need to drop these 10 pounds again.  He seems pretty in-shape, and I don't want to be worried about getting nekkid...with anyone, I suppose.  I'm not putting all my eggs in his breadbasket!  Must stop that line of thinking!

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