Monday, October 25, 2010

Love Handles for All

Happy sad Monday!  I am really loving the weather today, and I had a great weekend, so once again I'm in a good mood.  Now if I could just make myself do some work.

Let's recap!  Friday I had a friend date with Schmillie to see The Social Network, then we had dinner after the movie at Republic and then got 16 (Love) Handles frozen yogurt, and I tried PUMPKIN. It was good, but I think pumpkin-flavored dairy needs to be full-fat, as it got a little chemically after a few bites. Saturday I made a Curry Zucchini Soup, then got my nails did, then napped, then met Schmess and her bf and Schmess' visiting friend for dinner at Il Bambino in Astoria (along with two bottles of wine) and then beer at Sweet Afton, where our friend the Marine from d-ball met up, too. Hike was possibly going to be in Astoria that night but ended up going out in the city with his bro and friends, so I didn't see him but we texted all night and said flirty things, etc. Sunday I nursed my hangover for awhile, skyped with Britch, then Hike picked me up at 4 to see The Town. We had discussed going to see Paranormal Activity 2 and I was saying I'll be terrified but I'd try it, and then on Sunday I was like "Um, is there anything else you might want to see, perhaps?" and he did want to see The Town so he gallantly did not force me to be traumatized by PA2. So The Town. I think I was a little disappointed (did I become a movie jerk recently? Maybe.) because it moved slowly at parts, but you know how I LOVE terrible (read: awesome) Boston accents and Ben Affleck in track suits, and I got plenty of that. There was also a preview for another Boston blue-collar Ben movie with COSTNER that I am excited about. So movie date then dinner after at 5 Napkin Burger (yum), and then home to hang out/watch Fox cartoons/make out a lot. It was a good date.

NO, I'M NOT GETTING CARRIED AWAY. But I'm enjoying it. And trying desperately not to get crazy or worried, to various degrees of success.
As far as Rockabilly goes, I forgot to tell you last week that there was never any communication so the "date night" passed by silently, and I'm good with that.  After Hike said he wasn't signing onto OKCupid, he asked me, and I said it'd been about a week...and that was as far as we took that conversation, but I want to see what happens with him without further hedging my bets.  At least right now.
Tonight is Harpie dinner at someone's new place in Williamsburg, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and the new apartment!  Our theme is "spooky" and I'm making zucchini latkes that I will call mashed brains and/or guts.  Then tomorrow is SING-ALONG SOUND OF MUSIC, which is going to be amazing.  (Yes, I'm blowing off dodgeball.  Tough luck, suckers.)
Oh, and food this weekend was mostly a disaster, though I still feel skinny today.  Weird!  I did walk home from work on Thursday, and I'm sure that shaved POUNDS off.  Friday we ate good noodles (I had Pad Thai), Saturday I had crostinis for dinner, and Sunday I ordered crab rangoon in the morning and then had half a burger and Parmesan herb fries at dinner.  Alas.  My goal for tonight is to not feel sick to my stomach after dinner -- here's hoping!
KFC you later, lovers.

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