Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Just Threw Up In My Mouth a Little

Holy cannoli, folks.  I weighed myself this morning because I could spare the time and because I keep tabs on how far things have (or have not) gotten out of hand, and I weighed 136 lbs!  My lowest ever weight was 134 (on my cheapo scale, which is the Bible here.)  I am so pleasantly surprised, considering I haven't changed much in the way of diet lately, I've only increased my activity level by a few long walks last week, and I'm eating leftover "weekend food" for dinner three nights this week.  But it's motivating me to be even healthier, since I'm so close to lowest, and then maybe to goal!  (Not that I'm as goal-focused as I used to be.  I'm happy-focused.) 

I just looked back at my first weight-related post on this blog, and I weighed 150 pounds at the end of last year.  I can't believe that I let myself get back up that high--I've already forgotten about that.  But that also means that while this year has been more about keeping the weight off that I'd lost previously, I've managed to progress.  In fact, I'd venture to say I've improved in all three main categories of this blog.  I'm feeling really content lately.  Or I should say today, since you know how mood-swingy I can be.

Obviously we're not done, as we're never done, and I'm still really terrible at discipline with the smoking.  Any sign of stress and I'm back on the sticks.  I really think I need to put in more mental effort before picking a random day to quit, so I'm formulating a plan and consulting some resources.  More on this soon, I hope.

That said, I have cut back on my drinking--or drinking to the point where I make unwise decisions and/or feel like I want to die the next day.  I can tell a difference in my general outlook, and it's really positive.  My skin is better thanks to Proactiv.  I usually feel pretty or at least cute.  My body isn't the worst, and my legs are ROCKING.  I have fantastic friends who do fun activities with me and who probably saved me this summer, and I'm very thankful for my life right now.

So, smoking, diet, mental health are the orders of the day.  And by mental health, I include trying to BE COOL about the Hike thing, and any other dating situations that may arise. 

Food today has been healthy -- the Curried Zucchini Soup with almonds for lunch, yogurt with pear slices soon, and tonight will be my last serving of Sweet & Sour Chicken from Sunday's order.  After work I'm going to walk to return a book to the library and then either Skype with Britch or call my mama.  And then max out and relax.  Tomorrow's supposed to be back to fall weather, which means it'll be more fun to dress for my date.  I wonder where we'll go?  I feel more excited because it is a Friday night -- is that weird?  Oh, clearly I'm obsessed. 

Man, this whole post was very high in sugar.  I'm sorry, readers, but I guess this is better than how I was last summer, right?  You know what I did last summer.

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