Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If You Believe in Fairies, Then Clap Your Hands

Good morning!  Happy humper day.  I'm in good spirits -- it's a nice, cloudy Fall day, work is going slowly but surely, and I think I'll be able to have a night to myself tonight.  I haven't heard any more from Rockabilly, so I think the date (that was scheduled for tonight) is not happening.  I feel pretty relieved.  My new plan is to hit Rite Aid on the way home for some supplies (I love buying drugstore items), then home to get the hippie re-usable grocery bags, then off to pick up the week's veggie share.  Then it's time to FINALLY watch Sunday's Mad Men!  Though certain things have been spoiled for me by the internets, I still don't know exactly what happens, and I'm pumped.

Things are going well with Hike, and we've been texting.  I'm entering a familiar emotional worrying cycle now, actually.  It has three points, all along a circle:
1.  Get giddy and excited and all day-dreamy about Object Of Affection.
2.  Get concerned that I'm wearing rose-colored glasses and OOA will most likely prove disappointing, probably by disappearing or betraying me.
3.  Realize I'm over analyzing the situation and try to relax and enjoy the ride (literally or not).  Then back to Step 1 and repeat.

Ok, the points are labeled wrong on there and not even legible, but you get what I'm saying.  Am I ever going to outgrow this?  Am I ever going to be able to control my BRAIN?

So dodgeball was frustrating, as usual, with stupid people complaining about the game and other stupid people not following the rules (there is a LINE for a reason--stop hogging all the playing time, dick), but then we went to the bar afterwards for three beers (the third is free) and it was fun to hang out with Schmess, her bf, and the other cute boy on our team.  (The engaged guy wasn't there, which was fine.)  I've always had a small crush on the other cute boy (let's call him Marine), but we have a definite "buddy" relationship.  Then last night Schmess told me she thinks he likes me.  We polled her bf, though, who didn't agree, so that made things less complicated.  Marine wants to hang out with us this weekend, like the group, and I was worried that meant I shouldn't invite Hike, but we determined that it's Marine's responsibility to make some overture to me if he does indeed like me, and otherwise I'm perfectly free to be dating other boys.  So there.

WOW I need to find something else to talk about besides boys.  Is it grating?  Or is this why you love me?

Food today:
B - coffee, honey b's, milk
L - soup probably
D - bbq pulled chicken, english muffin, veg of some sort
S - yogurt or cottage cheese, decaf coffee, Jello-O Mousse Temptations (which are orgasmic)
Exercise - Walking around for errands.  Shut up.

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