Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Mice Are Playing

I've accomplished very little real work today so far, and it's thrilling.  I'm also counting down the eight hours until I will be seeing my boyfriends, The Avett Brothers, at Radio City.

It will also be my first date with Hike from OKC.  I think it should at least be fun, as he seems nice and friendly, and he'd have to be pretty awful to ruin my experience with those bearded boys above.

Last night's dodgeball game was depressing, as we only had 6 people show up so we all got worn out pretty quickly, especially as we're one of the worst teams so we're constantly fighting for our lives.  I hate half my team, though, and I think they're just giving up.  Thanks, assholes.  Also I caught one ball where the force made me fall back onto my butt, and now my left butt hurts.  Maybe I'll ask my date to massage it?  :)

I did talk to the engaged friend, and of course HE knows and loves the Avett Brothers.  I had a moment of thinking "shoot, I should have asked him, " but then I realized that would be sort of pointless.  It's better to at least have a date, even if it may not work out.  It was all part of my plan that barely happened.  (I am probably jinxing myself right now.)

In other news, my dear old boss is in town for business, and I think I'll be able to swing by and see her at happy hour before I meet up with Mike.  MoMo is in the house, and I'm excited.

So wish me luck, and I'll report back tomorrow.

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