Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours...and It's Raining Men

How many more cliches would fit there?  Come on, contribute, dear readers!

Let's catch up.  Well, Friday night I went home to relax after a busy-ish week, so that was uneventful, though there was delicious Indian food involved. Oh, but a guy who I wasn't so into on OK Cupid sent me a second message, and since I was catching up on my emailing there, I decided to give it a shot.  He had asked me to text him, and he wanted to get a drink that night but I said I was staying in, and so we made brunch plans. I liked the idea because it was less sexy than evening plans and I like brunch. So Saturday I met him for a nice outdoor brunch at Brick Cafe, and he was sweet but I wasn't feeling it, especially physically. He didn't really have a chin (or shoulders to speak of), he was only a little taller than me, he left his cloth napkin on the table the entire time, he asked me if the "Proscuitto and Buffalo Mozzerella Panini" meant there was chicken in it (because of the word buffalo), etc.  He also was very gung-ho about us going out again, and a bit touchy, and I let him kiss me goodbye with his mushy lips. He was going to visit his mom in NJ to pick pumpkins for the weekend so said he'd text me when he got back yesterday. But then he texted me Saturday afternoon about how much he liked me, and how I was easy to talk to, laugh with, and cute!  Nice but sad when you don't like the guy, right?  I was considering a second date just to make sure, but now I'm not.  Plus, he didn't text me last night so that's good!  It's uncomfortable turning men down.  I still have this nagging feeling like I should be grateful for their interest, you know?  Oh, the perils of being a teen with low self-esteem.

Saturday afternoon I napped for HOURS and it was great, then met up with Schmess for seasonal beers and dinner at Sweet Afton, then we went to Blackbird's for more beers and wings (what?) and it was a fun night but nothing crazy. I made the adult decision to go home from McCaffrey's (our last stop, hi Al) when she did, as opposed to trying to play pool all night. I was proud of myself. Sunday I was on a Mad Men mission, as we have a Time Warner appt on Thursday and they may have to take our cable box, which means the DVR would be gone. I watched nearly all of season 3 and most of what's aired of season 4. Ohhh yeah. Oh, and I'd heard from another OK Cupid guy, let's call him Mars, and he had to work Monday but wanted to get a drink after.

So Monday I e-mail Mars my phone number, so he texts and we make plans. He's living in College Point, Queens for the time being (rent-free at a friend's) but has lived in Astoria and will come back around Christmastime.  He parks his car at the 36th Ave stop (my stop!) for work commuting. Anyway, we made plans to meet over at Mad Donkey on 36th Ave. Then I got a mani/pedi/wax, baked chocolate zucchini bread to bring into work today, then got ready for my date. He is super cute (to me) -- tall, bearded, blue eyes, slight tummy, jeans, plaid shirt. He seems quieter and a bit more acerbic than I might like, but we'll see, as it could have been first-date nerves. We had a similar sense of humor and had lots of pop culture stuff in common. He was very gentlemanly with buying the beers and the appetizers, and we just slowly had two beers with food and left around 8:30. He asked if we should head out to try and beat the rain, but it had already started when we walked out, so he said "maybe in the deli..." and walked away only to come back with an umbrella. He was going to walk me home but we realized his car was parked on our way, so we go to the car and he drove me the rest of the blocks.  I picked Britney Spears off of his iPod, then he played me Brooks & Dunn while saying he hates country, and he kissed me outside my apartment in the car. I'm the one that broke the kiss because it was GOOD and I needed it to be chaster for now. :) Also he had just been teasing me and I had something to say in return. Anyway, I'd say I 65-70% like him, and I'd definitely go out with him again, but no plans were discussed. SO CUTE THOUGH.

Tonight is dodgeball at mothereffing 9:15 pm, and tomorrow is my Avett Brothers concert at Radio City.  Rockabilly told me yesterday he doesn't think it's his style of music, but he wants to go out next week (as he's out of town this weekend.)  Did I mention he's a vegan who doesn't want children?  I already told him I wouldn't marry him, so at least that's out of the way.  We're doing drinks/dinner on Wednesday, but that meant I needed a date for the show.  I actually texted Lars (to thank him for a good time, ostensibly) and he was reasonably chatty so I invited him, but he looked them up and ALSO didn't think it was his thing (wtf, guys?) so I asked this other OKC guy I'm chatting with, Hike.  Hike's now my date, and we're having dinner beforehand.  It's not an ideal first date but whatever, I'm achieving goals.

And for those keeping score, that's:
3.5 dates in one week (if we're counting Wednesday - Wednesday)
3 kisses (so far), 1 good one
0 slutty mistakes

I think it's a good scoreboard.  Obviously I don't want to keep up this pace for very long, but it's fun, and it makes me not worry so much about Lars REJECTING ME for the concert but then being vaguely flirty in the texting.  (He said he should also do laundry on Wednesday.  I said "Oh how sweet, I come second to laundry."  We tease like that.  He responded "Hmm, do you not want me smelling clean?"  That sort of implies I'd be smelling him later, right?) 

Well anyway, this is the news.  I'm sort of sleepy thinking about it all.  How soon can I retire?

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  1. Smell ya later! Ha!

    A very good dating week indeed!