Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a Wrap-Up

Hmm, this is becoming more of a weekly thing, and I don't like that. 

Let's talk about last weekend!  Well, it was mostly uneventful.  I had a very aggravating day at work on Friday as I was trying to teach work stuff to the new receptionist and it wasn't going well.  I usually consider myself a clear communicator, but I guess I have expectations of general intelligence that are off-base in this case.  At least write down what I'm saying so you don't have to ask me 10 times, amiright?  Anyway, Schmillie thankfully talked me into getting a drink after work, which turned into like six drinks and I took a cab home after midnight.  Or rather, to McCafferty's in Astoria to meet Schmannon, her date Flick, and that guy I'd taken home two weeks ago, Pal.  I mean, he works there, so he was there.  She'd warned me before I arrived that he had talked to her about me, and how he didn't think I liked him very much.  Aww, but true.  Anyway, I was way too drunk, so I got sick on the sidewalk around the corner (I know.  I'm 17.) and then got gum, then went inside to see the gang and drink water.  It was nice and chill, but unnecessary probably.  More on this in a minute.  Oh, and Pal was very attentive and nice, so it wasn't awkward (I don't think), but I felt a little bad.  I don't mean to be a jerk, but he was sort of puppy-ish about me, like keeping an eye on me and touching me unnecessarily and bringing me a chair and stuff.  He texted me after I got home (um, at 4 am) to say it was good to see me, and I said likewise.  I mean, he's a nice guy, so we can be friends.

Anyway, that meant Saturday was a bust -- or should I say, a nice lazy day of Mad Men and delivery greasy food and catching up on DVR.  (I'm overwhelmed by my DVR right now.  So many shows.)  Sunday was similar, but I did get out to run some errands and get a mani/pedi/back massage AND I finally decided to go back to eyebrow waxing.  I'd decided like six years ago that I'd just tweeze and it'd be cheaper, but I think that was before I realized how cheap it was in NYC and also before I realized I can't get them even on my own.  So I've turned over the eyebrow reigns, and it feels GOOD.  They're a little thinner than I had them, but I think it looks OK.  She chastised me for tweezing too much in the middle -- I guess you're only supposed to have a two-finger width there and I have three.  But I also have bald patches in my brows, so I'm going to try to let the middle grow but it may look insane.  Fun!  Oops, I digress...

Sunday night I set up my OKCupid profile so I can begin internet dating again.  I'm e-mailing a couple of boys now, and I'm still pretty hopeful about the thing.  I'm mostly reaching out to guys in Astoria, too, unless I see someone I really like in Manhattan.  I probably will expand, but I'm just starting with my neighbors -- I really like dating someone close by.  I'm eager for the actual dating to start, but I have to be patient.

And last night was our first dodgeball game of the season.  It was really fun!  Well, I got a little frustrated at some of my teammates, mostly the ditziest of girls who sassed me when I tried to help her understand the gd rules...but we know I can be competitive.  Then the after-game drinking at the bar was awesome.  It's at The Irish Rover, which is kind of far from me, Astoria-wise, but they give you your third drink as a buyback, and everybody in the league is really friendly and social.  I like a few of my teammates a lot, too, and I made best friends with a guy Snick who I'd met once before a couple weeks ago but who I talked to the most last night.  I would think we had something going on except that he's ENGAGED.  It's a bit confusing as to why he'd be so friendly, but I'm not going to worry about it.  He bought all my beers and insisted on walking me home at 1 in the morning, as he and I were the last ones to stay from our team, and we ended up hanging out and doing whiskey shots with the yellow team.  (Their toast before drinking?  "Yellow snow.")  Oh, and our team is blue -- actually baby blue.  And named Shaved by the Ball.  Anyway, Snick didn't do anything inappropriate but is vaguely flirtatious and very nice.  I made a point to talk to him about the boys I was checking out at the bar though, to be very clear on the friendship line.

Oh, so yes, there are a few cute options in my league, and two of them approached me last night, so the seeds have been planted.  We'll see.  There's also a few flirtatious boys who are not so cute, but it's still fun.  I think this league is all about flirting, really.  And balls.

Right, I was going to talk about my drinking problem.  Mainly the problem is that once I get going, I'm not good at stopping -- I so don't care that it's late or that I'll be hungover, I just want to stay out, have fun, and not miss anything.  But then the next day I feel miserable and a bit depressed at my worthlessness.  I realize this behavior is silly and a bit harmful, so I need to try to be more disciplined even through my 3-drink haze.  I don't know how to accomplish this yet, but the first step is recognition, right?

And Sleeve is still texting me.  Last Wednesday after a bottle of wine, I'd said something to him about how he wasn't going to say goodbye, just go silent, and he said I was the one walking away.  Which is not true, and what?  Crazy.  So I clarified and then it was quiet again until Saturday, when I got a "What's up babe?" text, and I ignored it.  Then I got another one last night and he asked if he was on the ignore list, so I said no, I tried to talk about what I want and you weren't having it, and he said he was having it, so I said well, do something about it.  And he made a sexual comment and I Shut.It.Down.  I told him no sexting.  Obviously I shouldn't talk to him at all, but I miss the communication, so whatever.  I also like speaking so plainly about how this is his fault.  I don't know, I'm back to finding it vaguely entertaining.

So that's the haps!  Tonight is book club for The Help, which should be a good one, AND we're meeting at this rooftop bar near my office that I've been wanting to try forever, so I'm pumped.  Also really tired, as I went to sleep at 2 am, but I'll make it and then go to bed early tonight.

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