Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thump Day

Well, it's only Wednesday...I've done worse.

I had a lovely outdoor lunch of pizza and gelato in the sun, and now I'm ready for a nap.  But at least my to-do list at work has eased up a bit, so I have had time to catch up on some internet fun today.  I'm going to write this and then proceed with some heavy lifting, as I'm packing up boxes to send to storage before our big office move this winter.  I'm stressed about the scheduling and the work required, which is still kind of vague, but once we get a handle on the details and get the thing locked down, I'll be able to relax and git 'er done, so to speak.

This week has been quiet.  I've worked late the past two evenings, and on Monday just relaxed with more Veronica Mars, and then last night I made a Cream of Zucchini soup in order to make use of some of the five pounds of zucchini we have from our CSA.  I haven't really eaten it yet, but I tasted it and it's delicious.  It has milk, broth, brown rice, zucchini, and onion, and that all gets blended until smooth, and then you add more shredded zuc for texture, sour cream, and chopped fresh dill.  I also added some diced turkey bacon so it would have more protein and be a satisfying and healthy lunch.  I'm pretty excited about it, especially as though I'm not officially doing Weight Watchers, I try to keep an eye on my "points" eaten during the week, as that's how I've learned to judge the appropriate meal options.  It's basically a balancing act right now between my healthy work-week eating and my terrible weekend eating...unfortunately, I need to cut back more on the weekend, so I can lose these DAMN FIVE POUNDS.  Ok, or ten or fifteen.  Whatever.

I was worried things would be awkward with Smee, but on Monday he stopped by my cube first thing and smiled and started to say something but I was on the phone (I'm so busy and popular), so then I went to say hi when I was free.  I just asked how the rest of his weekend was, and we said how hungover we both were on Saturday, and he said something like "which may explain why I said..." and I just said don't worry about it, and it's been fine and smiley since.  (And I'm not sure which thing he was referencing exactly, as he may have wanted to just reject me further, but maybe not.  He seems to just generally feel guilty for certain admissions. (God, now I want to make an emissions joke, but I'll refrain.))  Which is good, because we had to spend Monday and Tuesday afternoon together in the conference room hunched over a project together.  Our arms would brush occasionally...oh butterflies.  But in a nice way, like in a "I'm confident in where I stand here, and I don't really know that I want more and can't have it anyway, so I will enjoy your giant crush on me" way.  (Ok, fine, a mutual crush that ebbs and flows.)

Remember I told you that I texted Sleeve about wanting more on Sunday?  He didn't respond to that, but texted me the usual "What's up babe?" on Monday.  So I asked if he'd gotten that text, and he said yeah, I'm sorry.  And I said "Don't be, I just want this to move one way or the other, and I don't think that's crazy, do you?"  He replied, "No, I agree."  And only that...but I haven't heard more from him, so I guess that means no actual hanging out.  What a strange bird. 

So now I'm free and clear of dumb man distractions, which is mostly good.  I did realize that I get more sad about the past when there's no boy to daydream about, but hey, sometimes I also get excited about who I'm going to meet.  I've got my photo selection ready for my online dating profile, now I just have to find the time to write the thing, preferably when I'm in a witty and clever mood.  Hopefully the stars will align this weekend.

But for now, I am looking forward to drinks tonight with Schmess (and maybe Schmannon) at Il Bambino in Astoria.  And panini (panino?)  And then tomorrow evening is Harpie dinner at Schmags' new Brooklyn digs, which I haven't seen yet.  It'll be great, and I won't worry about getting home late.  (Though the theme is celebrating the aged, so maybe being crotchety about that would be appropriate?)  I'm making


the appetizers, and I sort of forced it to fit the theme, but I'm using crescent roll dough (the waning moon represents old age) as a shell in mini-muffin tins with smoked gouda (like old people are smoked?) and pancetta (aged?) baked with garlic powder (old people smell like garlic?)  We'll see how it turns out. 

Enjoy the remainder of your fall-tinged week, darlings!

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