Friday, September 10, 2010

If all the ifs and buts were candy and nuts, what a wonderful Christmas it would be.

Happy Friday!  And for those of you who still work in publishing, happy first full-length Friday since Memorial Day!  I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm still Snuffleupagus and even Sneezier today...I'm their love child.


But screw going home and going to bed after work!  I'm SICK OF IT, and also, bored.  Tonight I'm going to Schmillie's for Mending Night, which is a replacement for Henna Night, ever since some wackadoo told Schmillie that henna is bad for your hair.  (Impossible, I say.)  But it's really just an excuse to eat lots of food, drink lots of wine, wear comfy pants and maybe try on swimsuits.  I think Mending Night will probably involve less hanging out in the bathtub, but what do I know?  That's also the smoking room, if I remember correctly.  Oh, and Schmillie has a sewing machine, so we'll be mending some random summer frocks that I bought discounted and proceeded to rip/break pretty quickly.  Maybe one will become a skirt or something, too.  It should be entertaining, and I can't wait.

I was reflecting last night about what I said at the beginning of the summer -- that the summer would be for FUN and then in the fall, I'd more seriously consider online dating, since I do want to find someone.  And let's be honest, most of the people I meet are at bars and not really the type to stick around, you know?  The summer hasn't been quite as "fun" in the making out sense as I'd like, but I think I made some real progress as far as identifying what I'm looking for in a relationship and also, meeting some men who have some of those characteristics.  They do exist.  Now I just need to find the whole package (that's what she said.)  And I also am much less interested in killing time with men I'm not that interested in -- and that's a big step for me, too.  So it was a good summer.  And it's time to start dating, I think.

I know the main reason I'm procrastinating putting up an online profile is because I really don't like most of the pictures of myself that exist.  I'm not trying to be the "Oh I'm so ugleeee" girl, because I think I'm at worst, interesting looking, and sometimes even pretty.  But I don't think I'm photogenic.  Photos tend to illuminate how asymmetrical my face is, and I usually think I look like a stroke victim or the Elephant Man's third cousin. 

Ok, so maybe not that bad, but I'm lopsided.  Anyway, I thought of a solution to this problem of choosing flattering pictures of myself for my online dating profile.  I will post the best of the options to an album on Snapfish, and then, if any of you, dear readers, would like to vote on your favorites, please let me know in the comments section or via personal e-mail.  I will send you the link to the album and you can then tell me which you like best by listing the photo number.  (Note this is only open to readers that I know personally...but I think that is most of you.)  It'll take me a week or so to get organized, but if you're interested in helping me by voting, you can let me know anytime!  YOUR VOTE COUNTS. 

Happy weekend!

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  1. I want to vote, send the pics! Also, great video, the keyboard player is amazing...