Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello lovers.  What a weekend!  Boston was just amazing, and very tempting at that.  As in, it tempts me to live there.

Friday I left work at 11 to meet Schmate to catch the 42nd Street Crosstown bus, then into the bowels of the Port Authority to find Schmillie and catch our noon Peter Pan to Bean Town.  The bus ride was uneventful, minus some amusing accidental racist crossword puzzle answers, a long discussion of whether the name Kerry is pronounced differently than Carrie (apparently I’m the only one who thinks they’re the same), and an a scare at the Roy Rogers/Mobil stop where we thought we were getting left behind.  Then smoothly into Boston, where Schmauren picked us up at South Station and we went back to her roomy and lovely abode for a delicious spread of cheese, bread, dippy things, grapes, etc.  Yum.  After some relaxing and enjoying my first pumpkin ale of the season, we headed out in Cambridge to Shay’s Pub.  We scored a nice-sized table on the patio and proceeded to drink our faces off.  I was sampling a local New England brew called Narragansett, which I quickly dubbed “Nancy,” and began asking the curt waitress for “Another Nancy, please!”  Oh, I am all class.  Schmillie’s college gay was there, and Schmauren had a friend meet up, and then one of my softball friends came out as he was in town for a softball game.  It was a grand old time.

Mind, I was protesting loudly before my softball friend Spike showed up, insisting there was no romantic interest there.  My friends were skeptical of that, as they should be whenever I have a male friend, but he’s got quite his own drama after getting married, having an affair that was discovered, and now being divorced and dating the girl he cheated on his wife with.  (We were softball friends so I didn’t feel the need to break up our buddy-ship based on this.)  Also, I don’t find him attractive.  Of course, he proceeds to text me after we girls returned to Schmauren’s that he wanted to ask me back to his hotel room…  Nice.  I ignored it, but WHAT IS WITH these married men?  Or married/divorced with girlfriend men?  I’m trying not to be pessimistic about the whole gender, but REALLY?!

Anyway, after the lovely night out, we stop in the big grocery store Shaw’s to stock up on late-night snax, and in addition to two frozen pizzas, grab a very large bag of peanut butter M&M’s.  That bag was like the fifth Muncher this weekend, I tell you what.  Also, I may have been overly friendly with the cashier and freaked her out, but whatever, I like to relate.  I’m a people person, especially when I’m drunk.  So snax, silliness, then bedtime.
Saturday we woke up to a gorgeous day and yummy bagels that Schmate and Lauren went out to get.  Then we all four set off to rent very affordable bikes, and off we rode!  We probably rode around 15 miles (would you say?), and all over the town.  It was a great tour, especially of Schmate’s alma mater and the other college campuses in the area, and so relaxing to see the river and ride on some of the side streets with big old houses.  We eventually stopped for a late lunch of Mexican joy, then home for rest and shower time.  At night we sat on the back deck of Deep Ellum with Schmauren’s like-minded, beer-loving friends, and enjoyed the dusk and the company.  I also enjoyed the chicken & apple wurst, with sweet potatoes and beets!  It was almost my perfect combination.

We were all tired early, so took a cab home around 10 to snuggle into pj’s, pass the pb M&M’s, and watch another round of Aziz Ansari’s stand up.  (“Raaaaaaandy!”) 

Sunday it was up bright and early for Mama Schmauren to drop us off at South Station and get on our 10 am bus.  The ride was as quick as it could be, and I do love being back in time to have Sunday evening to decompress.  I caught up on my Netflix (Mad Men and Cougartown!), ordered Chinese, and got mentally ready for another work week.  All in all, I loved getting back up to Boston, and this time with my dearest friends to make some new memories (to replace the ones from last time, when I went with Mex.)  It’s such an approachable city, full of cute boys and smaht kids.  I would really like to live there someday, though I don’t think that day will be too soon.  I’m not quite ready, but it’s nice to think about.  And a big thanks to Schmauren for being an impeccable and generous hostess!  You know how to treat us right.

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