Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello Toes and What I Ate

It's my first day of commuting in flip flops!  Sadly I do not have a perfect manicure, but my feet don't look too terrible, and I decided I didn't care.  They're generally far away from people's eyes, anyway.  And now my toes can feel the breeze!

Well, I finally did some spring shopping online yesterday.  I went a little crazy at Kohl', but I had a hard time finding things I liked at other sites, which is very strange for me!  Still, I ordered three dresses (below) and three shrug cardigans (white, bright pink, and beige), which help me make work-appropriate outfits out of anything.  In case you're curious, here are the dresses -- let's cross our fingers that they fit!

There are a lot of prints, but hey, I like prints.  We'll have to see how they look in person.

I also discovered a delicious-sounding recipe this morning for Creamy Ricotta-Artichoke Lasagna, which is only 6 Weight Watcher points per serving, and which seems like a good make-ahead-and-freeze dinner option.  Plus, I already have some frozen 'chokes at home from TJ's, so I'm doing well on the ingredient list so far.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, food-wise.  Tonight is the Chimichurri Salmon with Couscous and Salad dinner I'm making for my lover and myself.  I'm very excited to taste the rainbow, but we're also going to have to eat later as Mex has some work to do, so I'm going to have to snack to stave off my hunger.  At least my roommate packaged up all the Easter cookies she'd baked to give away, so there are fewer hanging around to tempt me.  (I got home from my walk last night and ate three right away.  I couldn't stop myself, which is why I know it's best for me to avoid temptation entirely.  I have the willpower of a daisy.)

So my plan for today is a coffee date after work, a stop at the grocery store in Astoria to buy a few things I forgot last night (like milk for the weekend), then home to relax and get ready for company.  I love the weather today, so I'm in a very relaxed, happy mood.  (Yesterday was too hot, but a high of 79 I can deal with.) 

I'm also just very content with my relationship status.  I know these things ebb and flow, and I know I am particularly skilled at creating snags to worry about, but even the frequent communication is where I'd like it to be.  We'd emailed yesterday a little, but last night I was thinking that I'd give him a call to see how his day went (because we're almost at a verbal call-a-day level now, which is a new thing), since he'd been initiating lately.  I was going to call after my shower, but when I got out and picked up my phone, I'd missed a call from him.  Perfect timing!  I know it's silly, but I do appreciate a lot of communication -- it makes me feel involved and thought of and cared for.  It's one of my love languages, I guess under Quality Time.  So though he is naturally someone who is used to alone time and being mostly introverted, we're finding a balance that seems to be working well.  (And has been two years coming.)  Though it may not be fair to call it a balance, since it seems to suit my needs...though I don't think he "needs" to be left alone, he just can be fine with a day or two of silence, whereas to me that means the relationship is in TROUBLE.  Anyway, he's at least accommodating me (and I think enjoying it now), and I am very pleasantly relaxed and confident.

Well, enough gooey stuff.  Who watches Ugly Betty?  Who is really annoyed that they're [SPOILER ALERT] matching up Betty and Daniel?  I know I am -- even if the show is ending, it doesn't mean everyone has to be paired off so easily.  I also was reflecting on how Amanda might be one of my favorite TV characters ever...she's the best part of that show.

Guys, when can we go on vacation again?  When can we retire? 

B - Honey O's, coffee, milk - 4
L - sammy, orange - 5
D - salmon, couscous, salad - 10
S - string cheese, soup, granny bar - 5
Total - 24 (am dipping into flexies, as if I keep track!)
Activity - walking as much as I can with time constraints and in flip flops

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  1. OMW! Why are they cancelling Ugly Betty??? I love that show! I hadn't heard that and now I'm sad!!

    Love those dresses! I hope they work for you!!! :) Love flip flop weather:)