Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birds and Bees and Nests and What I Ate

Today feels like one of those last days of school before summer vacation -- it's warm outside, it's quiet and sort of sleepy inside the office, and I'm having trouble concentrating on work.  I just want to go outside and/or shop.  I'm having nesting feelings, world!  I found a set of dishes I really liked at, and am actually tempted to get two of the 20-piece sets, because I'd like a setting for 8.  You know, for in the far-away future when I have a family and/or dinner parties.  But my current dishes are dollar-store pottery and serving me very well, so I should probably wait until that glorious day when I can register for stuff.  (Though I'm it's hard to wait because they might be gone!)  One of the annoying things about being single is that I find myself waiting to buy my "real" stuff, like furniture or dishes.  Although perhaps I'm just waiting until I have my own apartment, since I'm very much looking forward to setting up my own house.  One without a roommate who moves my stuff in the name of "organizing" or never does her dishes or always takes out the strainer in the sink drain or leaves her wet shower cap to dry on the handle of the shared medicine cabinet, so I have to move it every day.  (Clearly I'm feeling the pain of having a roommate.)

Anyway, I'm feeling nesty and restless -- as in, restless in my current situation and like I want to nest in a new one!  I think a short-term solution will be when Mex cleans up his apartment a little so we can hang out there again, and then his dad can drive down more furniture for him so there will be an actual bed we can sleep on there.  It'll be nice to get out of my place sometimes, though I do like my place better.  Just not the company.  I'm really in a daydreamy mood about the future though, I'll admit it.

I didn't walk home last night as I ended up working an extra 40 minutes, and by the time I left I'd lost motivation.  I did walk 1 mile to a different subway station, so that's something.  I am planning on trying the whole walk again this evening, though man, I'm going to get sweaty!  Hopefully it'll cool off a little by then -- and I shouldn't complain about beautiful weather, right? 

Anyway, after I made dinner at home last night, I met up with Mex for a little Red Sox watching, which didn't go so well for them, but it was nice to see him briefly.  And nice that he initiated the meeting in the middle of the week, when we usually wait until Thursday to see each other...I think he was still in Spring Break mode.  But I got a little face time, and I was trying to pry for feedback from my visit -- his mom said I was "lovely" and everyone else had nice things to say, but he couldn't really remember specifics.  Boo.  His friend V did say something nice about me and then told Mex that since I'd left, no one was around to save him in their games of Quarters.  That's all the detail I got, but oh well, it's all positive!  He also said we'll have to go back soon, and that his fears about going were completely baseless and he's so happy with how it worked out.  He talked about how he'd built it up too much, and he did feel some apprehension the night before and day that I went up there, but by then he figured it was "too late" to do anything about it and just accepted it, and it passed.  So my plan worked! :)

The next few days will be rather full of things I'm looking forward to, but not necessarily all in a row.  Still, I think the spring (summer?) weather will keep my energy up and it should be a great weekend.  Tomorrow I have a coffee date after work, then am heading home to fix some marinated TJ's salmon, wild rice, and salad for Mex & I, then Friday night is a Henna Party with BSH, and it will be our first in a very long time, then Saturday night is Schmate's birthday bash at a dive bar, and who could ask for more?

It's 84 degrees and almost time to walk around in the joy at lunchtime. 

B - Honey O's, coffee, milk - 4
L - chick & swiss, yogurt - 5
D - chicken meatloaf, salad - 5.5
S - 2 small tangerines, soup, granny bar - 5
Total - 19.5
Activity - walking home, sweating, possibly chafing

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