Friday, April 23, 2010

Fridaze and What I Ate

It's almost the weekend again!  Oh, sometimes I get sad that I am "working for the weekend," like the song says.  But it seems in order to enjoy one's life outside of work, one must sit at a desk.  Unless one is following your dreams or some other hippy dippy unrealistic thing.  (I'm very jealous, in that case.)

Last night I had lovely back patio drinks with Schmillie.  (No, that's not a euphemism.)  The pizza was free, the rain held off, and it didn't get crowded.  It was good to get her perspective on many things (as usual), and then it was home for bedtime.  I did talk to Mex, as I didn't have enough willpower to go all day without.  Still, it was less communication than the day before, etc.  While I know I need some space, I'm having a hard time taking it right now while I know he's still taking her calls.  It's not fair.  She gets attention because she's crazy and unsafe and knocked up, and I don't because I am relatively sane?  (Though he says he mostly answers the phone and she rants for awhile and he tunes out and that's it.  It's like he's trying to do penance, or do the right thing, by fulfilling his obligation to see her through this, but what's really happening is she's just walking all over him and growing more attached.  Ridic.)  So whatever, I am being rather impulsive with these things, but I'm making it through my days.  There was more talk about her doc visit and how it may be a real baby, which made me nervous, so I did some internet research today to calm me down.  Surprisingly, it worked.  And if she is, life will go on. 

I've still been taking one sleeping pill before bed to help me fall asleep and stay asleep, but this morning I woke up at 6 am and laid there for awhile, mind a-spinning.  It's so irritating!  Maybe this time I should blame the beer, though I wasn't drunk when I went to bed.  It's just frustrating.  I really want to get one of those sleep masks to block more sunlight, too.  Maybe my local drug store will sell some?  I don't need a fancy blingy one, for pete's sake.  Or I could just tie a bandana around my face like I'm playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey while sleeping.  But I may end up choking myself in the middle of the night.

This one is terrible.

Anyway, tonight's plan is very calm, which sounds lovely.  I won't be walking home in this gorgeous weather, as apparently my Shredding with Jillian Michael's has given me the 2-day burn (and no, that's not something I was tested for at the doctor.)  My thigh muscles are killing me and I am hobbling around like Estelle Getty.

I have to catch up on some DVR (Top Chef Masters, Project Runway Finale, Chopped) and I also have Snow Falling on Cedars and The Other Boleyn Girl home from Netflix.  Both seem like moody period pieces, and I'm interested in SFoC because I read the book recently, so I'm curious how it comes across on film.  AND Ethan Hawke is in it.  Oh yeah.

Hey, he kind of looks like that teen I kissed there!  Nice.  So it should be a good quiet evening at home.  Tomorrow night I am finally going to see Hot Tub Time Machine with Schmillie and her lady, and possibly have an Ax reunion, too.  Then supper afterwards, then earlyish to bed, as I have a softball scrimmage at 10:30 on Sunday morning.  (This is lame and cruel, obviously.  Who wants to get up at 9:00 on a Sunday?)

Well, food today wasn't quite spot on, but it's a Friday.
B - TJ's Strawberry Yogurt O's, coffee, less milk than usual - 3
L - Curried Chicken Salad wrap, Baked Lays - ?
D - Either Chicken Meatloaf and salad or something yummy delivered, like steamed shrimp dumplings - ?
S - cigarettes
Total - ? but could be worse

Happy weekend!


  1. Dude. I was SO DEATHLY HUNGOVER on Friday it was unbelievable. 4 beers? Who am I?

  2. How is that possible?! I mean, we ate enough pizza, surely. I was in a good place, but the kind of good place that goes away by morning. Poor you!