Monday, April 26, 2010

Keep On Keepin' On and What I Ate

Rain remix!  I actually didn't mind a rainy Sunday, and don't hate a rainy Monday, either.  It fits the mood and enables me to further curl up into myself, you know?  We had a lovely Saturday here, though, so don't worry, I did get out in the sun.  My back is still burned!

From the top:  Friday I just went home, happy that I had some beers and good company the night before, so I kept it low-key.  I caught up on DVR, I ordered very healthy Chinese food (I am an ascetic now, apparently) -- steamed shrimp dumplings and sauteed vegetables with brown rice.  I ate half of each, saving the other half for later in the weekend.  Then I took a long bath and started reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which everyone in the world is also apparently reading.  Based on the premise, I thought it might be a little hokey for me, but I really got into it.  It has three different narrators, and I liked one of them especially (Skeeter, if you've read it), but all were enjoyable.  It also helped to read so much at once, as I ended up burning through about 200 pages on Friday tucked up in bed after my bath.  Finally bed, without the aid of a sleeping pill.

Saturday I woke too early for my taste, but watched some TV and made Low-Fat Nutrigrain Eggos and bummed around, then went to the Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria with Mex.  We sat on a beachtowel, ate a very basic picnic, tried to read but mostly got distracted by all the playing puppies.  I also sunned myself while he tried to keep his half of the towel in the shade.  Don't worry, we didn't touch or anything.  But for real, I've seen him once a week now since the nuclear bomb, and it's what I want to do.  I miss his companionship and it's nice to be able to talk about what I'm feeling with someone who understands more than anyone else, even if he caused it.  This may all go away after Wednesday, aka No-Baby Day (Cross Your Fingers), but I'm taking each third of my waking hours as they come.  Anyway, after the park I went back home to shower and get ready to meet up with Scmillie and her lady for Hot Tub Time Machine.  Obviously it's a screwball comedy, but I'd heard it was hilarious and it seemed like just the right tone for the weekend.  Sadly, I found it really uneven -- parts were very funny but then other parts were kind of boring.  Oh well, it was a good distraction and it was nice to get out and hang with friends!  After the movie, Ax met us up and we ate at Republic.  Then it was back to Astoria around 10:30 pm, and Ax and I debated getting a beer before recognizing that we were both very tired and should do it another time.  So I climbed back in my cozy bed and finished The Help by about 1:30 am.  Oh, I'd found out my softball scrimmage in the morning (which was originally why we picked such sedate evening plans) had been cancelled due to forecasted rain.  So I stayed up late.

Sunday I slept "in" till nearly 10:00 (I've lost this power, apparently), then lazed around in the gloomy day, watching my Netflix movies and being sad for awhile.  It didn't help that the movies were so boring -- Snow Falling on Cedars was too arty and pretty and there was not enough dialogue, and The Other Boleyn Girl was also boring and better covered in The Tudors, plus there was an incest scene that freaked me out.  Fail.  Anyway, then Britch stood me up for our afternoon Skype date, then I went grocery shopping (to a store near me that I don't frequent as often, though apparently I should, as it was full of cute hipster boys!)  Then I cleaned my room and talked to my mom, which actually cheered me up considerably (and I was surprised at that.)  She relayed a story about a gnome that I will tell you at a later date, too.  Then I settled in to watch Mystic Pizza on TV while also starting a new historical novel (which will be a guilty pleasure, I can tell) and have a quick phone chat with Mex.

It was a good weekend, well-rounded and well-behaved.  The pounds are coming off quite quickly recently with my monkish lifestyle, though I'm sure I'll go up and down a bit depending on my social activities.  Still, I should be nearing the 130s now, just in time for swimsuit wearing.

Today is another sleepy one, but tomorrow night is our first real softball game of the season and I'm excited and nervous.  I should try to make it to the gym when I get home tonight, though we shall see how my motivation holds up.  Mex is also going to give me the nine beers that have been sitting in his fridge for a week (as he's stopped drinking, and hopefully it sticks), so they don't go to waste, and I think that handoff is tonight.  Not that I'll be crushing the Buds, but we have to arrange the custody change.  And I'm sort of alternately really optimistic and really angry about circumstances, but after Wednesday I'll at least have a better idea of what's to come.  Then I can figure out what I'm going to do to move on.

Well FOOD:
B - Strawberry Yogurt O's, milk, coffee - 5
L - chicken & muenster sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - creamy artichoke lasagna, salad - 6
S - string cheese, soup, orange - 3
Total - 20

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  1. The Britch is sorry... and is also hindered by no internet in this britchy third world country.