Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please, Stop the Music and What I Ate

I am near the breaking point today with all sorts of drama that I didn't cause, so excuse my very short and boring post.  Basically the "other woman" found me on Facebook and sent me an apology e-mail this morning with her side of the story, and some things were enlightening.  When confronted, Mex said he should've told me all of it but thought he told me the important stuff.  I said lots of things I should've said earlier, as I'm showing him more of my anger.  (Like, "You're disgusting.)  So we're going to talk tonight to see if there's actually a baby (which I doubt), and we'll see how that goes.  Then I need to step away. 

So yeah!  Great day!  At least work has been nice because I've had to run random errands which get me out of the office and make the time go faster.  And now I don't have any projects so I'm going to work on my freelance stuff a bit, so yay, double cash.

I also learned that the kickball and dodgeball league I used to play for in Manhattan now has a Queens kickball offshoot, and they play on a field very near to my apartment.  I think I'll sign up for this summer, as it should be a good outdoor activity and a great way to meet new people (read: boys.) 

I e-mailed the long-lost lover last night about a possible Florida rendezvous, so I will keep you posted if he responds.  I know he's not on Facebook very often, but hopefully he'll still get the memo, as it were.

So tonight I think instead of Shredding, I'm going to Skype with Britch.  I think my mental health should take some priority over my rocking body today.  I already felt a lot better after talking to her last night, in part due to her medical expertise that supports my made-up beliefs, and also just because she makes me feel less crazy. 

Anyway, food today:
B - honey bunches, coffee, milk - 4
L - sammy, yogurt with peach slices - 6
D - ww pasta with sauce, salad - 6-8?
S - orange, soup - 2
Total - 18-20 (I may add an after-work string cheese if needed.)
Activity - mental breakdown

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