Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doesn't Seem Like a Maundy Thursday and What I Ate

For those of you who love Jesus and/or are taking off tomorrow to give yourself a long weekend (I qualify for at least one of those), happy almost-done-with-work!  I've spent my afternoon cleaning up my desk, scheduling my upcoming snacks, and listening to Jared Leto's Bad Romance over and over, with some minor breaks to listen to The National song that Schmauren posted on my FB account.  (It talks about Ohio and is I'll share it with you!)

So last night I was a machine, and while you may think it's crazy that I take so long to get ready for a weekend trip, I've decided that I feel most relaxed after I've micromanaged everything I possibly can.  To wit:  I got home from work, tried on three pairs of jeans to make sure I was taking the proper two (one on my body today), tried on work outfits for today, laid out all clothes on my bed, then winnowed down my travel toiletry selection, all the while charging my iPod, cell, and camera batteries.  I finally managed to pack the puzzle all together (including a pair of boots and a hairdryer, which are hard shapes to fit into a rectangular, oversized shoulder tote.)  Then it was supper time, with Lost and ANTM.  Mex called around then once his bus got in (yes, he beat me by about 24 hours), and I asked all my plannery questions (Is there anything specific I'll need?  Any plans that I should be prepared for?  Will we be walking a lot like tourists?  Did you bring flip flops?) and he responded with the verbal equivalent of a grunt and a shrug.  Then I painted my nails (and I got a compliment from a stranger on the subway this morning on my polish color*!) and then bathed, shaved, showered, masked my face, tweezed, waxed, called my mom, and got in bed to watch the end of Man vs. Food, then sleep.  Whew.

*Polish color is Metro Chic, though it looks grayer on my nails than in this pic, by OPI for Sephora:

Food for today:
B - Special K, coffee, milk - 4
L - sammy, 3 tiny tangerines - 4/5
D - sandwich or wrap, chips (en route) - ?
S - butternut squash soup, fat free honey greek yogurt - 4
Activity - fretting, keeping my balance on bus while trying to get to the bathroom for nervous peeing

I know I'm over in points, but it's the easiest dinner to bring with me, and I don't care too much.  All of my other choices have been ok and I didn't want to get hungry in traffic on the highway.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter with your friends and/or family, and I look forward to reporting back on all the weird details of someone else's kin.  And his childhood bedroom, which I plan on investigating.  Boston, here I come!

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  1. After reading about your night last night, I was worn out!! :) You thought about every angle! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Try to relax and have a great time:)