Monday, April 12, 2010

Working for the Weekend and What I Ate

Hello lovers! 

How hard is it to start working today?  I haven't accomplished a single work-related thing all morning.  But that's sort of great, because it's not like I have a ton to do today.  Or at least nothing with a deadline.

My weekend was very fun, though I feel a bit guilty about not enjoying more of the beautiful daytime weather.  That's what happens when you're a creature of the night, I suppose.  Friday's Hennapalooza was very fun, and a bit crazier like the good ol' days.  We hung out in the bathroom with shower caps on like we were in the 1950s, we made a beer run with the same shower caps on, and we gabbed and ate reasonable pizza.  We took a risk on delivery since Schmillie wasn't aware of any great pizza parlors in her new neighborhood.  (Yet.  Yet.)  Then I met Mex back in Astoria for some late-night pool, then home. 

Saturday we slept in, then he left to get some work done and I returned to the nail parlor after a long absence after witnessing some scary violence last time.  Thankfully, it's under new ownership, and it was a great experience.  (I realize there are many nail salons to chose from, but this one is usually less crowded and pretty cheap for good quality -- $20 for a mani and pedi.)  It's now run by a young Chinese woman who was very accommodating, and I even had a man do my pedicure and start my manicure before she jumped in.  It was a bit weird at first to have a strange gentleman bowing over your feet, but he gave such a great foot massage that I quickly accustomed to it.  And she massaged my shoulders while I was at the drying station, like the good places do.  Sigh.  Anyway, I went springy and got some hot pink toes AND fingers, then home to get ready for the evening.  I met up with Mex and Schmauren at Gleason's in Astoria for a few beers before we headed into Manhattan to the Spring Street Lounge for Schmate's birthday party.  I hadn't been to that bar in a few years, but used to really enjoy (as it was particularly male-heavy), and once the crowd thinned out a bit this time, I remembered why I liked it so much!  I mean, in addition to the menfolk.  The whole Muncher gang had a great silly time, and then Mex, Schmauren and I cabbed it back to Astoria for some nightcaps at Sweet Afton.  It was a blast, and I felt like a kid again.  I never go out in Manhattan anymore, but it's nice to get into the city and deal with the rabble every now and then.

Sunday was recovery and laziness in the form of Chicken Tikka Masala delivery, watching tv and two romantic comedies in a row.  Did You Hear About the Morgans was amusing at points but also a bit frustrating (I have a hard time when asked to be sympathetic to adulterers, what can I say), then The Proposal was way better than I expected.  I really enjoyed that one, and laughed loudly and weirdly at the naked-running-into-each-other scene.  (Have you seen it?  Spoiler, but something about how Ryan Reynolds keeps saying "I don't understand.  Why are you wet?" just killed me.)  Finally later in the night I cleaned up my room and filed my taxes, so I at least got something done with my day.

And this week should be a nice, springy one, with softball practice tomorrow (that might get rained out, not that I'm sort of crossing my fingers for that, ahem) and Harpie dinner on Thursday.  I usually go from Sunday until Thursday without seeing Mex as it's our productive weekday habit, but I mentioned something yesterday about how Sundays are always sort of sad because in addition to being the end of the weekend, I know I won't see him for awhile (mush mush.)  He suggested we get a quick bite on Tuesday.  Cute. 

Also, the publishing guy who hooks me up with most of my freelance projects has just asked me what my ultimate career goal is, as in, do I want to be an editor again for reals.  He's probably just being curious, but my imagination immediately wondered if he's looking to hire an editor for his business start-up, etc. etc.  It's obviously in fantasy land, but I wonder if I'd want to do that.  I know I'm not that into joining corporate, commercial publishing again, but perhaps there's a way for me to do the work I enjoy while being a bit more independent.  (Though I guess I'm doing that now, it's just not my day job.)  Anyway, things to think about.

Food.  (God, I haven't been good with diet & exercise lately, you guys.  I don't know how much I weigh, and I think it's up again, but I feel pretty happy anyway so I don't care too much.  Though I need to behave during these weeks so I can be flexible on the weekends!  Time to crack down again!)
B - Special K, coffee, milk - 4
L - Swiss, cucumber, beet sandwich (clearly I need to go shopping), cottage cheese - 5
D - chicken meatloaf, salad with feta - 5.5
S - string cheese, orange, soup, granny bar - 5
Total - 19.5
Activity - walking home, whee!

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