Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coffee Coffee Coffee and What I Ate

So I've been drinking more coffee in the mornings because I've been cold in my office and because we have a new pot in the kitchen so it's convenient and because it staves off hunger, but now I am feeling preeeettty wired.  It's like the Halloween Garfield episode where he becomes a candy addict and just says CANDY CANDY CANDY over and over.  I would post a video, but I forgot my earphones so I can't vet the Youtube results before sharing.  I wouldn't want to put up something too scary.  Or...let's try this.  IS IT THE ONE?

So today is gloomy, eh?  It seems hard to believe that it's not going to rain, but that's what the weatherman says.  I would pretty much prefer the rain so that I didn't have to practice softball and I could go home and make Creamy Ricotta-Artichoke Lasagna (the recipe I found last week) (speaking of Garfield), now that I grocery-shopped for it last night.  And then Mex could come over for a cozy dinner, and my roomie would be gone for the whole evening, and...sigh.  Instead, it's supposed to clear up and we'll practice for three hours.  I'm sure it'll be fun once I get out there (?) but it's not sounding so good.

I just finished writing another book proposal for my freelance pimp.  I love being done and hopefully not having another on my plate for a few days...though he's already talking to me about his editing his graphic novel.  We shall see.  At least I've decided to raise my rates for the next project, so that'll be some nice extra shopping money.

Walking home last night was just lovely, and I didn't suffer any loss of motivation, which is rare, especially for a Monday.  Then I had a moderately successful grocery shopping trip, though my stupid local store manager thought it was strange that I would want to buy pine nuts.  So I went to the slightly pricier but nicer store up the street, thanks.  Then home for dinner, How I Met Your Mother, a phone call from Mex, then fairly early to bed, though I didn't sleep right away despite being leg-tired from my walking.  Oh well, my active mind is a curse.

Last night I dreamt about that friend who maybe is in love with me.  This was the second dream I'd had about him being in love with me, and it developed to where we were kissing, but I was cheating on Mex in the dream and very conflicted.  Also, friend was drunk, as he was in the first dream.  What does it all mean?  Do I only think drunk men love me?  (That would be sad.)  Obviously I'm slightly intrigued at the possibilities of him loving me, but it's just so vivid in the dreams, and I sort of feel guilt today, even if it's all imaginary.  So strange.

Today's eating.
B - Special K, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & swiss sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - TBD, may be out after softball
S - string cheese, soup, granny bar - 4
Total - 14 plus dinner
Activity - either softball or cooking lasagna

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