Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sinead O'Rebellion

I'm so unhappy to be at work today that I have not actually done any work.  Take that, The Man.  Instead, I spent the morning doodling around online, filling up a Gap/Piperlime shopping cart, booking a facial appointment for tomorrow*, etc.  Then Schmate came by to see my office, then we headed to The Gap so I could actually try on the pants I wanted to buy, and I ended up buying two pairs of Skinny Jeans (NOT JEGGINGS, wow, but very comfy real jeans), and 2 pairs of "denim leggings" that just look like pants that I can wear to work with boots.  A black pair and a green pair.  Weirdly, I bought my usual 6 ankle in the jeans, but I had to get a 10 in the pants, so...  whatever, screw you, Gap.  Then we had salads at Chop't (I got Tandoori Chicken with a curry vinaigrette -- so good!  Probably full of fat.) 

So now I'm back at my desk, and I emptied my Gap/Piperlime shopping cart of everything but these boots, which were half off and which I think I can pull off, right?  They may go up to my crotch, but I'll fold the tops over if so.

*So once again, my lovely parents gave me a gift certificate to this spa in Astoria for Christmas.  I will be getting the Signature Facial at 6:00 pm tomorrow.  I can't wait, and it worked out well since Hike has plans for the evening and nobody else wants to hang out with me, so I think a night of self-pampering will do me some good and maybe help get me out of my winter funk.  A little bit, at least.  And then Hike can still come over for a slumber party and Fraggle Rock after his man date.  PERFECT.

Last night I made us baked acorn squash stuffed with rice, sausage, raisins, apples, and onions, and seasoned with curry.  It was pretty good, for a sort-of made up recipe, but I found the seasoning to be hit or miss, depending on the bites.  I should probably have seasoned more, but overall I was pleased with the dish and my presentation!  Then we watched The Kids are Alright.  It was also pretty good -- I think after the Oscar nominations, my expectations were raised too high.  I liked it, but it didn't blow me away or anything.  Also SPOILER ALERT I am really hard-pressed to have sympathy for cheaters, even in fiction.  I've always felt this way, but given my more recent experience, it's even more of an issue.  But it was a really good evening, staying cozy inside while the snow raged!  There was even lightening and thunder -- it was a real snowstorm.  Fun until Hike had to dig out his car and drive home at 11 pm.  Ugh.

Well, there's a slim chance we're leaving at 4:00 for a goodbye happy hour for one of my co-workers...and I'm SO HOPING it's true.  I don't want to drink much no matter what, but then I could milk my one beverage (ok, two) and still be home at a reasonable time.  I hate work.  I also hate all those people who "do what they love" -- all right, maybe not the people, but come on.  I think anything that I HAVE to do, I would hate at some point, right?  Like flossing?

Enough rambling for now.  Hope some of you were lucky enough to have a snow day today!

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