Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Sucks Nicotine Lozenges

Good morning, angels.  How were our weekends?  Mine was really nice, but of course I feel like a zombie today.  Oh, the vicious cycle of sleeping in on Sunday, so taking sleeping pills for Sunday night, so being really groggy on Monday morning.

Quick week/end recap:  Let's see, where'd we leave off?  Last Thursday I met up with Schmess to see Black Swan, and while I was expecting a thriller with suspense and tension, I was not expecting it to be quite so disturbing.  It was really well done if you can handle some of the creepier/gorier stuff, but it was too much for me.  I kept thinking I was being followed on the way home.

Friday night I went with Hike to see his mom and her bf and we enjoyed chatting and tea and cookies in front of the roaring fireplace, and then Saturday I lazed around for awhile before going to get my nails did and then heading to Brooklyn to meet Schmillie for a drink, then down the street to Floyd for Maggie's birthday party.  It was more fun times with the Harpies, and then left after a reasonable number of beers (2 there) and cabbed it back to meet up with Hike and his friends in Astoria.  Sunday we visited his Grandmother for the afternoon (out past Flushing) and we got to shop in a suburban grocery store!  I was so excited, and so of course I stocked up on all the Weight-Watchers-appropriate snacks that I can't get in my hood.  Home earlyish for some Fraggle Rock episodes, then he headed out and I cleaned my room, put away the Christmas decorations, and sorted my laundry for tonight.  Oh, and commenced the blog purge, which took awhile.

So it was a really nice weekend, and I am very much enjoying spending more time a bit out of the city.  I'm working on planning a New England weekend getaway sometime soon, which will also hopefully prove restful. 

This week is already pretty full, too -- I have to do laundry tonight, tomorrow night I may see Hike, then Wednesday I have to volunteer at our CSA, Thursday I'm going to the Sunset Boulevard screening in Chelsea, Friday Schmillie and I are re-instituting Henna Party, and then Saturday is probably date night.  Whew!  It's fun stuff, but I'm glad tonight will be more mellow and organize-y, so I can feel on top of my life.

As far as New Year New Me goes, I'm still struggling with some holiday weight, though to be honest, I haven't weighed myself since last week when I was up 4 pounds.  I just don't feel healthy yet, though, so I'm sure there's a bit to go.  And no available gym nights for awhile, so I have to be better with the eating.  And I will be once these Godiva chocolates in the office are gone!

My main goal is to quit smoking, and today is Day 1.  I feel a bit ill-prepared, since I didn't do any big mental ramp up.  I need to do some more self-cheerleading, but so far it's been OK.  So while I'm in the early stages of this thing, I'm not going to be as conscientious of my food.  I can only be so disciplined.

Anyway, that's the situation here (back to the Shore!) 

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