Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Mood Swing

Well I'm feeling rather jolly at the moment, and there's not an exact reason, but I'm going to just enjoy this upswing in my mood.  The combination of not smoking and PMS has been pretty lovely lately, so at least this is the benefit of the ol' rollercoaster.

Last night I snow hiked (fine, walked) to the library to return a book by the 6 pm closing.  Please tell me why they can't keep the drop-off box unlocked when the library is closed.  Fine, I know there are vandals, but there are also loyal library patrons who can't always get there during work hours, jerks.  Anyway, I dropped off the Nancy Drew biography (of the authors) unfinished, but it wasn't quite as much about Nancy as I was hoping.  I did have time to grab one of those Phillipa Gregory books that I think I will enjoy, as well as one by Anita Shreve.  I'm looking forward to reading them after I finish the book club book, and I'm almost done now.  I'm enjoying it for the most part, but it's almost like I don't care about the main framework and just want to know more about certain people's stories.  But it's interesting and a fast read.

Oh, then I picked up groceries after the library, stuff to make minestrone soup (with turkey sausage instead of the chicken it called for) and then my White Chicken Chili, which was originally Nora's Green Turkey Chili, but I use chicken instead and think "Green" sounds gross in a recipe title.  But the chili is delicious and easy in the crock pot, so I want to make it some weekend day soon.  It helps that Hike is such a fan of my cooking -- it makes it fun to show off a little.  So I lugged all the groceries (uuuggghhh always so heavy) to the pharmacy to drop off a script and pick up another, and buy MILK (more heavy) for the weekend, then home.  I made the soup with lots of yummy fresh veg, organized my pantry shelves, ate the rest of my lunch from yesterday for dinner while watching TruBlood, talked to Hike for a bit, then finally started the 4th disk of Brideshead Revisited.  I had never finished that series and it was hiding in my queue, but now that I'm back on the Brits, I felt like finishing 'er up.  I think I only have an episode and a half left.

It was a good night!  I do feel bad about still not getting to the gym, but since my diet has more impact on my weight than exercise, I decided it's more important to have healthy foods ready to eat.  Once I'm stocked up that way, and when I have free time, then it'll be gym time.  Also, walking in the snow was a bit trudging, especially when carrying billions of pounds of groceries.  That had to burn some extra calories.

Tonight is the Gayte with Hike, and I'll meet his college roommate and roommate's friend for the first time.  I think it should be lots of fun, and I can't wait till 5 -- we're grabbing an early Thai dinner beforehand, so the fun will begin right away.

And then FINALLY it's the weekend.  Henna Party (I'll bring rubber gloves and vaseline! TWSS!), dates, chili, Fraggle Rock, etc.  Le sigh.

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