Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slush Pile

What a miserable day in New York!  Rainy, slushy, slippery, and a Tuesday.  This was actually my worst commute of the winter weather so far, as I slid around a few times on my walk to the train.  Boo.

But life is still pretty good, right?  Let's stay positive.  SPEAKING OF, Hike and I just bought tickets to see The Hold Steady at Terminal 5 in April, and I'm very excited.  I'm also like "Oh, gee, general admission standing room?  That sounds annoying."  I'm so old.  But it will be worth it.

So how were our weekends?  Mine was really nice.  Friday night I went to Schmillie's for the revival of the Henna Party, and we got snaxx and wine in the city before taking the train to her place, and we gushed about our boyfriends and smeared the stuff on our heads and only smoked A LITTLE and listened to music and played rummy.  (I am terrible at rummy, especially when not paying attention.)  Oh, and we ate Chocolate Covered Pretzels.  Lots of them.  I want some now, actually.  Then I cabbed it back, Hike came over, and off to sleep after some Fraggle Rock.  Saturday we went to visit his grandparents (on his dad's side) on Long Island, who I'd not yet met, and also saw his dad and wife and his brother and wife, and it was a nice afternoon.  We left and got sushi for dinner in Rockville Center, where they live (and where Hike used to live for awhile), and then drove back to Astoria and caught the 8:15 showing of True Grit.  I LOVED it, people.  We'd been waiting to see it until we could see the original first, but we gave up.  (There was a Very Long Wait on the original on Netflix for me, though he magically is receiving it this week.  We decided as long as we see them both, we can still compare.)  It was just really serene and fun and beautiful and touching, and that lead girl is so impressive.  She's the perfect little no-nonsense child/teen, but yet doesn't have some sort of show-off attitude about it, and I really liked her.  When we got home I put the ingredients in the Crock Pot for White Chicken Chili so it could cook overnight, then more Fraggles.  Sunday was a lovely, lady crampy day for me, but it was OK because we mainly stayed on the couch, watching football then the Golden Globes, eating chili, and babying me.  I'm very lucky.

On Sunday we also booked a B&B for President's Day weekend in Newport, RI.  We'd looked at some different New England spots, but that one seemed the most interesting for a winter trip -- like, a summer destination town but quiet in the winter, with New England-y stuff going on (there is a Maple Syrup-tapping event at some local farm place, and also a Winterfest weekend going on while we're there).  We agonized over which B&B, too, but this one's rooms looked the nicest, plus we'll be in the TOWER SUITE and above us is a common-room in the actual tower, so we can go look at the harbor and meet the ghosts up there.  I'm very excited.  I also will try to not overload him with super-nerdy stuff that I want to do (shops! antiques! historical walking tours! maple-syrup tapping!) though he seems game for them, too.  It'll be great, plus we picked that weekend so we could drive up on Saturday morning (instead of Friday night) and then stay till Monday, the holiday, for a more relaxed trip.

Yesterday I had to work, LAME, though the retardceptionist called off sick (after spending the weekend in Atlantic City, hmm), so it added to my pain because I had to sit at her desk and answer the phones.  I may be due a sick day soon, right? 

Oh, and so I did smoke 3 cigs on Friday night, but then NONE since then.  It seems to be getting a little easier [knock on wood], like I'm not thinking about them as often.  I also weighed myself on Sunday morning and I was back to 134/135 ish, which means my pre-Christmas weight!  That was thrilling, though like I said, I'm not going to be as strict about the weight right now.  Yesterday I was extraordinarily hungry (so I snacked on an extra bowl of cereal, which isn't too bad), and I'm letting that go.  I also wanted to go to the gym last night, but come 5:00 pm I was so zombie tired that I just went home to lay on the couch under blankets and watch the most recent episode of Downton Abbey.  It probably doesn't help that I am not leaving the office all day, but right now that is the best way to avoid temptation.  Now that the retardceptionist is back with her pack of cigarettes for bumming, I will have to be extra strong.  I can do it!  I already feel very proud of myself.  It's been a week, and while I've smoked about 6 cigarettes in that week, it's significant progress.

So right, I should get some work done, but life is pretty grand for a miserable Tuesday in January.

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