Friday, January 14, 2011


Ugh, I'm in such a cranky mood today.  (Clearly you can tell I'm swinging.)  I seem to be taking offense so easily and just sort of sullen about things.  Stupid 'mones.  I'm trying to keep a lid on it (as in, not subjecting my near and dear to my sensitivity), and I'm doing pretty well, but not perfectly.

At least I can count down until 5 pm.  I don't have much going on at work today, and I've already exhuasted the internets, but I can look forward to Henna Party 2011 tonight.  Though I don't know if I will see Hike afterwards now, as he may head out to LI to see a friend.  We will still have a date tomorrow, though.  So right, food and wine and henna to come, though I'm going to have to be disciplined about the wine so I don't cave in and smoke a pack of cigarettes. 

So far, pretty good on that front.  I've had one a day from Tues-Thursday, and will probably have my one-a-day tonight at Schmillie's, but that's the next, last pattern to break, I think.  Four cigarettes in a work week is a lot less than 50.  (I was smoking about half a pack a day...)

Last night's Gayte was nice.  I had a delicious Pineapple Fried Rice with cashews and raisins and chicken at this place across from the Chelsea Clearview, and I met Hike's friends and then we saw the show.  Hedda just did an opening stand-up routine thing, and then there was a raffle (and the girl with us won Boy Butter lube...of course), and it was pretty hilarious.  She was talking about how the gays can be much more open now, and get blown on the sidewalk instead of behind a dumpster, and she yelled "We have Glee now!  Suck my nuts!" and that just cracked me up.  Maybe you had to be there.  But then it was the movie, with no commentary.  It started out a little slowly and Stevie was getting sleepy, but then it picked up and was really good and a bit spooky.  It's so cool to see a classic black & white film in a theater, too.  Afterwards some queen next to us got into a fight with an older lady behind him because apparently she was talking the whole time, and she called him a c-word, and the fight continued in the theater lobby where she sprayed his friend with roach spray (??) so the night ended with some appropriate drama.  I hate witnessing crazy people fight, though -- I feel like they might crack up and hurt us all at any minute. 

I was sleepy all night though, and it's funny how this quitting smoking thing makes me unsure of my normal self.  Like, I'm sort of always sleepy, right?  But fatigue can be a side affect of what do I blame?  Same with irritability.  Apparently dizziness is another side affect, but I've thankfully avoided that one so far.

Anyway, yesterday also marked three months since my first date with Hike.  It's funny, because that sounds so short, but it feels like I've known him a long time.  I think that's a good thing.

So right, for today we must get through the afternoon, not cause any fights with anyone, not feel slighted by imagined offenses, and then enjoy the party with Schmillie.  I can do it!  And thank the Lord, I can sleep in tomorrow.

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