Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Winter of our (Dis?)content

Hello muffins.  I hope you're somewhere dry and warm today!  I am, but actually, I wish I'd be sent out in the snow to GO HOME EARLY.  Alas, I think that's unlikely. 

For all of my complaining about needing to hibernate, this week has been rather productive, at least after Monday at work.  Monday evening I was all set to be lazy, but after a brief passive-aggressive e-mail discussion with the roomie, I ended up starting to clean the apartment and then doing the whole thing, including scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc.  I had anger for energy for awhile, and then it just felt good to get it clean again.  I also then had an excuse to throw all of her clutter crap in her room, which made me feel better.  I will admit that while I'm maybe not the best at keeping things clean (with scrubbings/vacuumings), I'm very good at avoiding clutter, especially in shared spaces.  And she is the opposite, which bugs me quite often.  And me moving her piles o' crap off of needed surfaces doesn't seem to get my point across, so if I have to clean in order to do so, I will.  At least she was so inspired by my efforts when she got home that she put the rest of the her Christmas boxes away in the closet, so now we're really neat & tidy!  For a few days.

Yesterday I again abandoned any exercise plans and did my laundry, and then while putting it away, managed to find some clothes I need to get rid of.  There is more sorting to do, but with half of my dresser drawers broken (due to buying cheap crappy used furniture), I'm really out of storage space so a good parsing of the wardrobe is needed.  I also found some lingerie that had been hiding in my drawers (ha) and tried everything on to determine what I could made good use of, so that was fun.  And I watched Sunday's episode of Downton Abbey.  Is anyone watching this?  Were you also frustrated about the unanswered confession of love?!  Argh.

Oh right, and I'm up 4 pounds, per the scale this morning.  It is bothersome and I feel heavy, but I know I can lose it rather quickly when I get strict about eating again.  I'm not going to go higher, I PROMISE, WORLD.

So tonight Hike is coming over and I'm going to make stuffed squash and a veggie for dinner.  We have squash from our winter CSA, and I'll use up some pantry items (raisins, rice, walnuts, onions) and buy just some sausage and herbs and it should be delish, though it's another thing I've never made before.  Oh well, it can't go that badly, can it?  [knocking on desk...]  Hopefully it won't be too labor-intensive either, as I'm sort of worn out today. 

I just smoked a cigarette, because I wanted to see what it was like again.  It's been since last Friday.  It wasn't too great -- it tastes bad and makes me feel like I can't breath.  I'm sure I'll need to check that again at some point, but I'm basically a non-smoker, right?  And I'm starting my Crest WhiteStrips Professional regimen, which will take up lots of time (30 minutes a day! What?) but hopefully be noticeable and pretty.

Yes, the snow will be piling up all day and into tonight, but I've sort of abandoned hope for a snow day this winter.  I think I missed the biggest, suprisiest storm, and now it's old hat for everyone.  Sad.

And that's the news here.  I wish it were more thrilling, I really do.

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