Monday, January 24, 2011

It's the Bare Necessities

Stevie: A Winter Portrait

I know we're deep in January with no end of this winter in sight, but man, I'm tired of feeling so low-energy all the time!  I know I'm not going outside in the cold for smoke breaks (which perk one up), and I'm not exercising like I should be, and I'm probably fighting some sort of germs since Hike seems to be a bit sick and I feel slightly off, but COME ON, self.  Can't I feel perky again?  My usual method for dealing with days like this is to coddle myself a bit, as in, do not go to the gym or feel guilty about it, and instead, relax and rest and feel better tomorrow.  In fact, I think I did that last week, but this week I have a sore throat, too.  So I'm going to accept the slight fatty feeling of winter and my substitute oral fixation (now it's ice cream) and my layers of bulky clothes, and I'm going to buy a humidifier on my way home if I can find one at Rite Aid, and then catch up on DVR under blankets on the couch.  I'm trying to fight the guilt about this, g-d it.  Also, why have I been pining for a humidifier for so long?  Why don't I just order one from Amazon?  New plan -- if Rite Aid doesn't have them, I'll order one online tonight.  Now I just have to decide which:

So how were our weekends?  I wasn't a hermit this entire weekend, I promise.  Friday night Hike and I went out to Smithtown, LI to hang out with his friends, another couple.  We had sushi and then went back to their giant, gorgeous condo to play movie trivia games and sit in front of the fireplace.  So lovely.  We got home rather late so slept in on Saturday, then Saturday night we went to Bareburger in Astoria and tried OSTRICH burgers, which were delicious.  They also were slightly overcooked, so the waitress gave us a free chocolate and peanut butter milkshake, which we smuggled into the theater to see The Fighter.  It was really good and really affecting!  (Both the movie and the milkshake, of course.)  I'm actually more interested in the great Oscar race this year, since there are a few contenders I actually support and enjoyed.  Now we just have to see The King's Speech while we still can.

Sunday we made pizza dough and sauce in the morning, then took our usual afternoon break.  I napped and started watching a chick flick, Going the Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.  It's pretty cute, and the best part is that Charlie (from Always Sunny) plays his best friend, and is as endearing as always. Then when Hike came back over for football in the evening I assembled our homemade pizza and we rooted on the Steelers to victory.  My father and brother are definitely excited about the win!  And we, as fair-weather fans, were too. 

And that was it, and it was really nice, but too short, as usual.  This week is fairly quiet, though I'm sure the calendar will fill up a bit.  I am going to try and weigh myself in the morning, but I'm definitely feeling a bit on the heavy side (see above), but also not going to freak out yet.  Oh right, as far as quitting smoking goes, I had two last week (one Tuesday, one Friday) and that was the last one for now.  I feel like I've quit, and I only very rarely have a craving that I indulge, and that's OK for now.  So that's good.  Next up, I'm going to use the teeth whitening stuff I got for Christmas for further motivation and prettiness.

UGH, now if 5:00 would just get here, I could go back to hibernating. 


  1. I bought that penguin humidifier over the weekend. DOUBLE JINX.

  2. Oh man, I'M JEALOUS. I ended up getting a boring, non-animal one because I wanted warm mist not cool mist? But apparently cool is the way to go, someone just told me. KEEP ME POSTED ON THE PENGUIN.