Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doin' the Humpty Hump

Well, we made it to Wednesday together.  It's actually warm out, and the change is a little welcome.  I'm OK to go back to winter after this, but a slightly more interesting day does break up the monotony.

Last night I compromised on my gym intentions and did the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD at home.  Well, initially Hike was going to come over, but he had to work late and so we pushed that off until tonight after my book club.  So then I felt I should finally exercise again, and I did.  For 20 minutes.  But I sweated and panted and jumped, people!  There is nothing more motivating and frightening than wearing a sports bra and little shorts and doing jumping jacks in front of the full-length mirror in one's bedroom.  And I have a bit of soreness today, which is a good souvenir.  While I think my weight is heading in the right direction again, I'm feeling a bit self-critical about the jiggly-ness of it all (and you know how the red tide can affect our view in the mirror, right?)  But I'm in a good position to be toned by the summer, if I can keep on task.  Maybe I'll even be able to wear two-pieces in front of my boyfriend?  Which is silly when you consider what else I wear in front of him (ahem), but you know...

Otherwise I'm glad the weekend is on the horizon.  I hate that I feel like that every day now, but I'm really LOVING my weekends and I'm in sort of the doldrums at work.  I know it'll pass, but right now I'm one of those rats in the rat race.  What can you do? 

Tonight is book club, and then a visit from Hike and hopefully we'll be watching the original True Grit -- he's supposed to get it from Netflix today.  I am looking forward to comparing and contrasting. 

Yes, life is rather boring at the moment, but it's really good, too. 

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