Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet Little Apathy

Oh no, it's been a week since my last post!  Work was pretty busy until today, so I haven't had as much internet time as I'd like.  Let's catch up.

Last weekend was very lovely if a little quiet, as Hike was suffering from a cold/cough situation.  Friday night he had plans with friends and I had scheduled my facial, which was amazing and relaxing and the only problem was that I had to pee after about an hour, and there was no easy way to get up and excuse myself, since I was covered in a mask and various towels.  So I loved it, but I decided that next time I'm going to discuss with Crystal beforehand (yes, that's my Irish lass' name.  I love her.) and have a bathroom break planned.  Then I won't be distracted while relaxing.  Crystal also talked to me about how Proactiv is not good for your skin as it's made from harmful chemicals and it's addictive, and no matter what when you stop using it, you break out for at least 6 weeks.  Which means you'll never stop because you'll think you still need it.  I decided to try and wean myself off of it, since I tried to quit using it before and had that exact experience.  I'll try to wait it out, and if I keep breaking out excessively after a certain amount of time, I can use it again, but hey, while I'm quitting all sorts of chemicals, why not pick another?  Though it'll take awhile till I stop using it entirely, as I'm going to slowly use up the stuff I already have at home.

ANYWAY, then Hike came over later and we watched more Fraggle Rock (which is NOT a euphemism, though that is an entertaining thought), and then Saturday I relaxed in the afternoon and at night we went to eat at Cafe Bar in Astoria (terrible name) and I had Pumpkin Ravioli in this tomato mushroom sauce that was really good, and then we saw The King's Speech.  YOU GUYS, I've now seen all of the Oscar-nominated movies except Toy Story 3 (which I have at home from Netflix now) and Winter's Bone, which I don't know if I want to see.  I've never been so caught up!  Anyway, The King's Speech was great and heartwarming and I liked it a lot, but I think I still would pick True Grit as my favorite.  Sunday we watched Emma, his pick, as he'd just finished reading the book on his Kindle, since classics are free.  It was nice and nostalgic, since I hadn't seen that movie since Britch and I would watch it at slumber parties in high school.  The rest of Sunday I watched Toy Story 2 (to get up to speed) and got stuff done around the house.

Monday night was Harpie dinner, and the theme was McDonald's updated and a little Russian, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first McDonald's to open in Moscow.  Everyone had great ideas, from Chicken Nugget apps with Russian dressing to a Mickey D's salad to cokes with vanilla vodka in McD cups to our individually-wrapped desserts of Russian tea cookies!  And I made a hamburger pie.  Yum.  We also played Apples to Apples and got silly and laughed a ton.  I realized later that I am no longer coughing when I laugh really hard -- yay! 

Tuesday was mellow and catching up on home stuff, and then last night my roomie gave us tickets to see Colin Quinn's Broadway show.  We went to the Red Lobster in Times Square beforehand, since Hike's mom had given him a gift certificate for Christmas and told him to take me, plus who doesn't love a RL, amiright?  Anyway, we had a big caloric dinner, then rambled around Toys R Us until showtime, and the show was hilarious.  Then a taxi home!

It's been a good week, but I've been fighting a splitting headache since Tuesday night, and that's very unusal for me.  I'm wondering if it's sinus-related, since my nose is slightly stuffy and today I'm a bit hoarse, but it's not like full-blown sick, so I can't justify staying home.  I took Tylenol all day yesterday and felt better by the evening, and then woke up this morning before the alarm in lots of pain again, so I took two Tylenol and two Ibuprofin, and that'll be my regimen today.  I also feel sort of disoriented, so I'm looking forward to crawling into bed after work this evening.  I was saying how I wanted to get sick so I could have a day off of work, but I don't want to get medium sick!  That benefits no one.  Lame.

Anyyyyway, starting next week I'm going to try and be healthier again with my eating habits.  I've been lax for these first few weeks of not smoking, but I can feel the weight gain now (I'm at 138 as of yesterday) and I don't like it, so I need to buckle down again.  Which means this week I'm eating lots o' junk while I can.  So what who cares? 

I also ordered two different pairs of rain/snow boots since my pair with owls on them has been compromised with some cracks -- it makes sense considering I bought them last year for $20, and those things have about a year or less of usage, not to mention how often I've worn them this winter.  My plan is to try both new pairs on and compare, but I think I'll have a hard time deciding!  Check them out.


Haa since they've sold out of that last pair, I can only view the tiny thumbnail, but they're black with a silver branch design.

Well, I guess that is all the big news.  Oh, I did pick out a bridesmaid's dress for Britch's August wedding, and while I don't know yet if Hike will be able to join me, he's changed his grad school intentions slightly and that may mean he's free the last week of August!  We'll see, but I hope I don't have to attend a romantic Scottish castle wedding alone...  I'm trying not to worry about it, but you know me, friends.  The potential for messed-up plans stresses me out. 

That said, I'm way too worried and anxious lately for no good reason (except maybe nicotine withdrawal) so I'm trying to recite this mantra while breathing to calm myself down:  Breathing in I relax my body, breathing out I relax my mind.  You know, just anything to stop the incessant crazy that happens in my head.

Andddd it's almost Valentine's Day!  I'm so confused about how to handle the present portion.  Do we buy presents?  Do we talk about it beforehand so we're on the same page?  Is a card adequate, with some small token plus a romantic dinner?  What do I do? 

Breath in, breath out.

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