Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, Just Laughing at My Desk Damn You, Auto Correct!  I can't help it.  It's the best mood lifter ever.  Not that I need one, since today is GORGEOUS.  I wore a skirt and boots with no tights!  It's so freeing!  The only downside is that I miss smoking, because it was an excuse to go outside in the warm weather.  I may bum one, and I had one on Monday (when it was nice, too), which is not great.  NOT GREAT.  But I'm not buying any or anything.  It's been since Monday, Jan. 10.  Wow, that is over a month...  why do I still even want them at all?  GO AWAY, cravings.  But remember how I said I can have whiter teeth and carry smaller purses?  CHECK.  I finished my month of Crest Whitestrips (well, 20 days) this week, and I carried a little clutch last Saturday on my date and was complimented.

Soo our server crashed at work last week, which was so much fun for me.  I'm trying to field everyone's questions but yet the boss doesn't always communicate with me, so it's very frustrating.  We're mostly back up this week with some lingering issues, but I was really behind on work once we got going, so I'm sorry for my silence.

Things in life are great!  I have more energy now that winter is giving us a break, and while I'll still up a few pounds due to the relaxed quitting smoking diet, I'm going to start getting stricter again, except for when I eat out with my boo.  That is difficult, but worth it to enjoy the meals.  Last weekend we went to his mother's on Friday night, then on Saturday I saw Blue Valentine in the afternoon with my ladies, then Hike & I celebrated pre-V day and I took him to dinner at a new Italian place in Astoria which was OK, not fantastic, but it was a romantic celebration.  Then we watched Shutter Island, and then Fraggle Rock before bed so I could sleep without being totally depressed about humanity.  Sunday we went to see his grandma, and his brother and mom and her bf came, too, and it was a lovely day of macaronies and gravy, then a stop at Waldbaums for some suburban shopping on the way home.

And!  Then Monday was Valentine's Day, and it was the best one I've ever had.  He sent me two dozen roses at work, plus a box of chocolates, plus took me out for italian/sushi fusion before our theatre tickets to see Rain.  I felt very, very cherished.  And I gave him a card and some chocolates, but I'd given him his main present on Saturday, which is none of your business.

So right, ONCE AGAIN, I am surprised and thrilled with how this relationship works.  This week has been mellow since -- I did laundry and cooking on Tuesday and last night I hit the gym and did some random home stuff, and tonight I'll get my nails done and eyebrows waxed.  Tomorrow night I'll watch a movie with him at one of our houses, then up early on Saturday to leave for Newport, RI!  We're staying here, in the tower room, where we're sure to be haunted at night by ghosts walking in the tower above us, waiting for their sailor husbands to return from sea.  We'll also cuddle up in front of our fireplace and make mushy faces at each other.

Annnndddd I just got totally busy at work and let this sit for HOURS, so I'll go ahead and post while I'm ahead.  I miss writing, and I miss emotionally vomiting my feelings here, but I won't abandon you, dear readers.  Especially not when I'm thinking about SWIMSUIT SEASON, plus BRIDESMAID DRESS WEARING.  Gasp.

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