Monday, February 7, 2011

So This Is the Miracle That I've Been Dreaming Of

Hiii friends.  How are we?  Isn't it just sunny and warm enough today to make us happier?  I think so.

The weekend was lovely.  Since I went to bed at 10 pm on Thursday night, I was able to finally kick my week-long headache, so Friday was just fine.  I met Schmillie at Rock Center to catch the F down to THE MEATBALL SHOP, which was amazing and we ate entirely too many balls.  I had 3 sliders -- pork with mushroom sauce, beef with classic tomato sauce, and chicken with pesto sauce.  We shared a salad and roasted squash side dishes, and then had those homemade ice cream sandwiches -- I got caramel ice cream with a ginger snap and a brownie cookie.  Oh, and we split a bottle of wine.  DELICIOUS.  So full.  And we lingered for over two hours, which meant they HATED US.  It was great though, because we had no wait when we arrived, and when we left there was a two-hour wait.  Suckers.

So then I cabbed it back to Astoria, stopped at home due to Crohn's-related issues, then met Hike at Crescent Lounge for a couple of romantic drinks, then back home.  Saturday was mellow during the day, then we met up with Schmannon and Schmeather and others at Sweet Afton for a few drinks, then we went across the street to Ovelia for dinner.  It was pretty delicious, and it had a nice atmosphere, but the reviews about the long wait time are all true.  No one greeted us for about 10-15 minutes, but then I caught the eye of the manager and told her so, and from then out things went rather smoothly.  I had the lamb kebabs with fig and cherry tomatoes, and they were amazing.  It was a nice date-dinner with great conversation (I'M REALLY TRYING HARD TO NOT GUSH ALL THE DETAILS RIGHT HERE ARRGGHHH), then back to his house to watch Inception (his first time, my second.  It makes much more sense to me now.)  We were going to watch Shutter Island afterwards (as I'm insisting on watching it on night where I won't sleep alone, as I'll be to scared) but it was too late, so we're saving that one. 

Sunday I had a nice walk (of pride?) home in the sunshine, and went to get a mani/pedi, then grocery shop, then home to make Steelers-themed brownies (with just the yellow and brown Reece's Pieces on top), shower, and relax for a bit.  Hike picked me up and we went to Schmess' house for the first half of the game (with a great spread of wings, quesedillas, etc.), then drove to his friend Yoshi's house for the second half party.  It was a fun night but SO SAD as far as the game goes.  My poor father and brother.

Last night when I got home, my roommate told me she'd seen Mex at the bar where she watched the game.  With a girl.  Ignoring the girl he was with, actually, and quite drunk.  It bothered me for about a minute, and I expected to feel more angsty about it, but it lifted and just kind of went away.  It does mean I'm still going to be looking around, hoping I don't run into him in the 'hood, but it doesn't depress me anymore that our terrible situation didn't change him.  I mean, if anything, it shows that what happened needed to happen to set me free.  And I'm also pleasantly surprised that I don't feel to much about it either way.  It helps that I've found a nearly perfect boyfriend -- this is what it's supposed to be like. 

ANYWAY, I'm very happy today and I feel awake again -- the sunshine and warmth helps a lot.  I'm going to reign in the eating habits this week, and then hopefully get back to exercising soon (but not tonight.)  OH confession: I smoked two cigarettes on Friday (one with Schmillie and one at the bar) and then one American Spirit on Sunday night.  Just for fun.  But I don't feel any daily interest in it, so I really think I've quit.  I just like to socially indulge now and then.  I think that's permissible, as long as the indulgences are few and far between, right?

And it sounds like my parents will visit again this spring.  It seems like my mom didn't realize I wanted them to?  Whatever, she's weird, but I asked her specifically and so she wants to and will discuss with Dad.  They need to meet some people here and I may not have as much time to visit Ohio this year, so it's a good idea for many reasons.  That should be FUN.

Fa la la...

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  1. I like this sentence very much: "I mean, if anything, it shows that what happened needed to happen to set me free." : )