Thursday, February 24, 2011

AdVENTures in Babysitting

I would really like to be a calmer, gentler person, and I often realize how irritated I am only to vow to relax more and let things roll off of my back.  But one of the main frustrations in my daily professional life is how often I have to babysit other people.  And I don't (usually) mean my co-workers, but our vendors.  Part of my job is to order services for the office, ranging from IT consulting to copy machine leasing and all other supplies.  If I ask for a service, I expect it to be delivered within a reasonable time period, or at least some update or response to be given.  With almost every single one of our vendors, I have to chase them down. 

We sent you a letter regarding your breach of contract with us -- why hasn't someone called us back for a month?  I asked you to fix this on our computer system. ("Oh yes, I did that over the weekend.") Well, you should have confirmed with me as we've been avoiding that program until it was fixed.  You told me these would be delivered on Tuesday, and it's Wednesday -- no, Friday is not acceptable.  Our order was missing one piece, and yes, I'd signed for the other piece, but I wasn't told my signature was accepting delivery for two boxes.  You're charging us for extra telephone lines that aren't functioning, and no one will return my call about this, which is why I'm not paying your goddamn bill.  No, I will not pay interest charges on overdue payments when your company won't get back to me. 

I know I can be very specific about correct information, good customer service, and what goods I'm paying for, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that in a professional environment.  So I'm not sure how to resolve this -- my stress level hits the roof when dealing with the morons of the world, and I can't seem to escape them.  I know People are Terrible, but seriously, that is no kind of life plan.  It seems that almost every vendor requries chasing if I want any information from them, and I've spent days and days of my life getting after people.  This is not fun for me -- the only part that is a little fun is telling someone off, but lately I'm tired of it.  Just fucking get the thing right the first time.  I will petition the Boss to take our business elsewhere if you continue to act like it's my job to find you, WHEN WE'RE PAYING YOU FOR A SERVICE.  And folks wonder where my superior attitude comes from...  it's because I'm competent and efficient, and I expect the same of others.  Are there really this many stupid and/or lazy people?  How do they all have jobs?  How can we get rid of them?  How can I keep my shit together and possibly not let this spill over into my evenings, and especially not into my relationship with my boyfriend?  Because after dealing with this all day, I'm sure I'm harder on him than he deserves.

And scene.

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