Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Boyfriend Took Me to Newport and I Got Crabs

Friends! Lovers! How are you? 

I'm very blah this week.  I really do blame the winter doldrums, as for a brief period last week, I was motivated and had energy and exercised and was happy with the world.  Now I'm back to feeling sleepy all the time, cranky, and fat.  I know it'll lift soon, but maybe it's OK to not exercise as much in the winter for my life plan?  And so I'll get winter chubby and make up for it the rest of the year?  It doesn't sound like the worst idea.

So last weekend was my romantic trip to Newport, RI with Hike.  The town was lovely! We ate a lot of great food, especially seafood (lobster roll, crabby patty, seafood stuffed mushrooms, salmon, tuna, lobster blt, lobster tart, etc., plus on Sunday night I had this roasted duck in a honey-lavender jus that was AMAZING, with sweet potato gnocchi!) and we napped every day and we kept our fireplace on in the room whenever possible, and the B&B was cute and Victorian and we could see the ocean from the window, since we were right across the street. Saturday was super windy (I guess it was everywhere) so it was tough to be outside, but we saw a bit of an ice sculpture competition and then looked in some shops.  Then we went out (after napping) for drinks and a late dinner, and I discovered how much I love a Dark & Stormy (drink). Sunday we had breakfast at the B&B in the fancy dining room with classical music playing, then off to tour a mansion, where he bought us a Christmas ornament souvenir of this fancy crab with moving legs (we named him Crabby Patty), then lunch and nap, then out for dinner again.

We drove back after fancy breakfast on Monday and some driving around time, looking at the dates on all the houses and taking pictures, and it was pretty since they'd gotten about an inch of snow, and then we were home by 4 pm. At night we visited his aunt on LI who is sadly passing away from cancer, and it was really tough but I'm glad I could go with him.  We stayed with her for a little while then came back to eat dinner and watch Fraggle Rock at my place.

And then yesterday I was feeling worn out and slightly sick (sore throat, fuzzy head) so I just went home and watched movies and went to bed early, and then today someone brought in COOKIES and DONUTS to work, so right, I've pigged out and will probably sugar crash after work again.  I have no willpower, as we know.  Also today one of my eyes is bloodshot, and it's really gross.  Poor me.

Overall the weekend was really nice, and we enjoyed being history nerds and food nerds.  Now I just need something else on the horizon to look forward to -- all of our planned events are pretty far away (concerts, games, and trips to the Poconos for a wedding!) 

And obviously my food is a wreck right now, though other than unplanned sugar binges and planned mini-break eating, I'm eating pretty well at home.  My portions are probably a little too large, though, so I need to reduce those a bit at a time.

Right, that's the haps! Things are good even if I don't always realize it.

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