Monday, November 29, 2010

Tales of Bravery

I left off on Saturday, so let me tell you about the rest of my weekend, since I know you're ENTHRALLED.  Saturday I slept in, finally, as I'd thought I'd lost the ability.  Then up for some coffee and cereal, then a big shopping excursion to Steinway Street in Astoria.  I bought two dresses and a top cheaply from the discount store on the way (Famous Brands) and then hit up one of those shoe/purse/jewelry stores to stock up on 50% discounted costume necklaces and earrings, as well as find a new purse.  I'd just bought a cheap one recently from Rainbow that I liked, but the lining was falling apart after less than a month, so I was on the hunt.  I spotted a Jessica Simpson bag (horror of horrors) that I really liked (not based on the designer) and it was 20% off, so I decided to "invest" and get a bag that should last for awhile.  Then I stopped at Victoria's Secret to use my $10 birthday month gift card and buy some good smelling bath stuff, then to Express to destroy their dress section.  I was so pleased after trying to find a birthday party dress at a billion stores last week -- they had such a selection!  And when I was heavier, I could never shop at Express, since I think their clothes are cut on the narrow, long side.  But GUESS WHAT, I can now!

While tallying up my purchases in my head, I called my mom to ask if she wanted to buy some of that stuff for me for my birthday, since I hadn't given her any ideas yet and we'd usually shop together on Thanksgiving weekend, anyway.  So it worked out well, as she agreed.  I bought one sexy bandage dress (in black) that's super tight up to the abdomen and then has a draped v-neck top, and then a color block one with a ruffled, army-green skirt and black tank top that I'll wear to my party, and then another more casual color-blocked one with a teal top and black skirt with pockets that was on sale.  Also, that was a size 2.  The black dress is an XS and the other is a 6!  I could've, possibly should've gotten the others a bit larger, but they didn't have any larger sizes and I actually think they look fine because of the cuts and stretchy fabric.  So that was fantastic, then I bought two slimming blouses I can wear to work (which will go great tucked into a pencil skirt) and then four pairs of tights.  Total score.  And I opened an Express credit card so I saved about $100 dollars.  Whew, shopping high!

Home for a bit, then I went to meet Schmannon and Schmeather at JJ's for sushi in Astoria.  It was delish and I gave them my turkey day(s) recap, and then we got some peanut butter hot chocolate from Il Bambino and headed to Shannon's to relax for a bit, then Schmeather and I took our leaves. (?)  I was home around 9, and it was great, as I was worn out from my spending.

Sunday I slept in again, then met up with Hike on the UWS and we went back to his brother's to watch the end of the Giants, game and the Knicks' game.  And they both won!  I'm no longer a jinx to his teams, which is good.  While there, Hike finalized his itinerary with me and bought his tickets to come to Toledo for New Year's!  He's going to come in the daytime on the 30th, and he'll be able to go to Britch's Scottish boyfriend's birthday party that night, and then our New Year's House Party on the 31st, and etc. until he leaves on Sunday.  I am so excited.

We left after the games to catch our 5 pm showing of 127 Hours, and good lord.  I was so scared, knowing the gore that was going to come, but the anticipation was actually worse than the fated scene.  (I won't say it here in case it's a spoiler.) I did not love the movie but I survived it, and then we went to Rosa Mexicano for some delicious Mexican goodness.  We had to wait awhile, so we had a cocktail at the bar and then finally go to our table.  We shared the guacamole (medium!) and a Budin de Pollo that I would have never ordered but loved, and then some crab empanadas (meh).


Wow, I feel rambly now.  I'm sleepy, and it's not even 10 pm!  Thank you for seeing me through the dark times, dear readers, and listening to my stream of consciousness.  Goodnight!

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