Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day the First

Good morning, angels.  I have tons of work to do today, but I feel like I want to start recapping this looong past weekend for you first.  I owe you that much, right?  We'll start with Wednesday and Thursday for this post.

So we finally had internet and functioning computers at work on Wednesday, which meant I was scrambling to pay the bills before the long holiday.  It was a good day, but I only barely unburied myself from my to-do list.  I left a few minutes before 5, as the office had pretty much cleared out and the big boss said I could.  I went home to drop off an Anne Taylor Loft bag I'd purchased in the afternoon (2 pairs of gray pants! 40% off!) then met Schmeather and Schmannon at Mad Donkey in Astoria.  It was fun and we were treated very well, as luckily for me, those ladies are good friends with the owner.  Hike came by later on as well, and got to meet his first few of my friends.  I think it went well, though some of us (ahem) had done more shots than others (not me this time!)  But everyone seemed to like each other and it was a very fun night.  Then we left at about 1 in the morning (possibly?) and went home. 

Thursday, off we went to Huntington Station, Long Island.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, and as I couldn't be home with my family, I had the next best option.  I felt very welcomed and loved and thankful and well-fed.

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