Monday, November 15, 2010

Baggage Check

But before we get into that, let's recap!  Friday night I was suddenly super exhausted after work, so I came home and climbed into bed to watch some Fringe until a reasonable bedtime (9ish, I think), take some sleeping pills, and conk (konk?) out.  Our receptionist at work has another cold, and I wanted to make sure my immune system was in fighting shape for this week's craziness.  I was up early on Saturday and managed to get some laundry done and relax before a monster nap again in the afternoon.  Saturday evening I met up with Schmillie to see Due Date, about which I'm still conflicted.  It was alternately hilarious, touching, disgusting and boring.  But it was definitely an interesting evening.  Also, we smuggled in Pret sandwiches and cider doughnuts from the farmer's market in Union Square.  So that was a score.  I was back in Astoria around 9, so I met up with Shmannon for a few beers and some surprisingly good live music at the hole-in-the-wall McLaughlin's on Broadway.  There were no shenanigans, though.  We were mature (because Shmannon made the call.)

Sunday I woke up and was very productive in giving my room a thorough cleaning (with vacuuming! and dusting!)  I texted with Schmillie for most of the afternoon, and then Hike called to solidify our meet-up plans -- 4 pm on the platform to head into the city early.  We got some food, nursed some beers (he only had one! I had two.  That's reasonable.) and watched the Giants be really disappointing.  But it was lovely.  And then over to MSG for the Knicks to be also disappointing.

This week will be crazy, too, so I wanted to post something up here while I could.  Work is all about the move, which happens Thursday evening, and I have Harpie dinner tomorrow night (theme: men.)  Wednesday I have book club and then Hike is coming over for dinner and a movie at my place, and then it's the BIG MOVE and then finally the weekend.

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