Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweekend 2010

Hello, ghouls and ghosts.  Did we all celebrate in style?  And by style, I mean with home-made costumes and possibly 3:00 am pizza in a parlor full of drunk weirdos?

Let's catch up.  Fridate was great. Hike walked to pick me up, then we went to this Thai place on Broadway (Benjamin's) that his friend had recommended. It was good food with a weird Asian-attempting-to-be-romantic atmosphere, but it was nice. We shared two entrees and a bottle of wine and dumplings, and had good conversation, as usual. He also managed to read my mind when we were deciding what to order, so we apparently have similiar tastes, which is convenient. Then we went to Crescent Lounge for a few drinks on the way home. We ran into his friend on Broadway while walking back, and I was being sized up before I realized he knew the guy...I hope I wasn't drooling or something. So then couch cuddling at the Lounge then home.

Saturday after a panicked search for my Indian feathers, went to meet Schmillie at Schmate's. We hung out, searched in vain for the light switch, and drank wine. Then we walked to the party, which was sort of too much, I think. Just loud and clubby and hard to get drinks because of the line at the bar, but we managed to have some fun. It was good to see other friends in great costumes, however--including a group of Troop Beverly Hills ladies. Hike and I were attempting to meet up (he was with his bro, sis in law, and others) but it was getting very complicated as they kept moving and he couldn't say where they'd be, and I nearly gave up, but then around 2 am we left the party and he was up in the 50s (at Black Finn) so I cabbed it up there for a drink on my way home and Schmil headed to the train. I met everybody, we sort of danced a little, I shared his drink, and then we all went for pizza, which was the best way to end the night. I love seeing a pizza parlor full of costumed drunk people!

Sunday I slept in, watched DVR, ordered a pizza (I know), read half of a manuscript I'm editing for freelance, and that's about it. It was a nice recovery day, since I didn't have anything to do anyway except read. So that was 'Weener 10! I think next year I'd rather do a houseparty or small gathering with costumes and wine. My old age is showing.

Tonight I'm getting a haircut, yay!  I love getting my hair cut, and it only happens about 3 times a year, so I'm planning on relaxing and enjoying as much as possible.  Also, today I'm wearing a size 4 pair of dress pants that haven't seen the light of day in 2 years, so that is exciting.  Wow, lots of numbers in this paragraph.

Anyway, now that November and cold temps are here, let's all start listening to Christmas music.  I broke out my red coat this morning plus my checked hat, so I'm feeling very Mary Tyler Moore today.  Let's hope the week zooms by, as I'm so looking forward to the weekend again!

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