Saturday, November 20, 2010

Move It or Lose It

Whew!  I am a normal person again after ten hours of sleep last night, and now I can tell you about my week.  Let's do it in bullets, shall we?  I love bullets.
  • Tuesday night was Harpie dinner, and the theme was Men.  I made pigs in a blanket with a delicious balsamic mustard dipping sauce (also with apple slices.)  We had this mustard at the beer pairing party, and I'm obsessed with it.  Try it.  Our main course was Manwiches (made by Schmate), prosciutto-wrapped asparagus bundles (which were p-in-v), and Tom Collinses to drink.  Our dessert bringer, the only actual man, couldn't make it at the last minute, which was sad.  But there were plenty of penis jokes without him.  I also had a minor Chrohn's situation, even though we didn't eat any cheese, so I have to rethink my theories about that.  Maybe the Harpies just cause an attack?
  • Wednesday I had to work from 8 until 7, and then because that meant no time to make dinner, my understanding and patient man brought over sushi and chicken udon at 8 pm.  We tried to watch Killers with Ashton and Katherine Heigl (hate), and it was awful.  
  • Thursday was the big move day.  I got in at 8:30 and then left from the new space at midnight.  It was such a strange day, because we were all packed and done by noon, and had pizza and a champagne toast at the old office.  Then one of the managing partners (the more fun one) and I walked to the new space and killed time, and then we met up with four of the lawyers (who were free after lunch) at The Ginger Man for two beers, then split up and I went back to the old space then the new one (I was just killing time, basically).  I met back up with the fun managing partner and we went for tapas and sangria for dinner (it was very romantic) and then back to the space to help answer layout questions as the movers delivered stuff.  It was a super long day, but parts were fun, and I had good bonding time with the boss.  I'm hoping they remember all this at bonus time this Christmas.  I was in bed around 1 am, and entirely dead on my feet.
  • Friday I was back at the office at 9 am, and it was mostly an unpacking day.  We had donuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch, and I was seriously loopy in the afternoon from exhaustion, but I felt like the move went well.  If they could just connect our internet (and e-mail), we'd be in business.  Friday evening I came home, watched Millionaire Matchmaker in bed until 10, then off to sleep until about 8:30 this morning.  I wish I could have slept in more, but I did sleep for a long time.  I may nap this afternoon, too, just because I still feel a little behind.  But much better today.
  • Side note:  I'm feeling Smee's total crush on me a bit more again, which is fine since he's not actually going to do or say anything about it, but I'm not sure if I should mention that I'm seeing someone.  I mean, it would be awkward to be like, Hey, just wanted you to know... but I also don't want him to think I'm single or think something may happen when I'm currently off the market.  I'll probably just leave it, but I somehow wonder if he should know.
I think that covers it. Anyway, I want to be more positive starting today, since I have the move stress lifted off my shoulders now, and a fancy new office with a window and mismatched wooden furniture, and a cute boyfriend.  Life is grand.

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