Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flames, Flames...on the Side of My Face

Allright, another something went wrong at work (this time it's our error-prone billing database) so instead of getting angry for the fourth time this morning, I'm going to take a blog break.  As much as I love the new office, I will be very relieved when things start running smoothly and I'm working on normal daily tasks instead of putting out fires.

So, how are our weeks?  Let's see...on Monday I came home from work and was so tired and it was so dark out, I believe I just watched some tv and then took a bath and then read in bed (a biography of the writers of Nancy Drew) and went to sleep on the early side.

Tuesday night I was again so tired after work, which seems ridiculous after 8 hours of being in an office, that I decided to go back to the gym after a long break. So right, renewed my gym membership, rode 16 miles on the bike and did a little tricep work, and it woke me right up!  I love those endorphins.  I'd missed them.  So then home, dinner, reading, bed.

Yesterday I went home after work and used my super strength to lug an old broken TV out of our living room to the curb.  We'd been waiting until we could have a man help us (because roommate thought we'd hurt ourselves) and finally Hike was going to do it with us last night (heh) but then I sort of got determined and didn't want to deal with it while/after cooking dinner and eating, etc., so I just put that puppy on a towel, dragged it to the front door, then slowly maneuvered it down the stairs.  When I had 3 stairs left, my neighbor guy came out to help, but I still can take most of the credit.  So right, I didn't get hurt, did it alone, and felt very proud.

Then I made Schmate's Famous Beet Salad with Feta, Hike came over, I served him a delicious dinner of chicken sausages with spinach and feta (and a hint of rosemary) on toasted Italian rolls and the beet salad.  He brought an extra DVD player that he had at home (which is better than our actual living room DVD player) to keep in my bedroom, and then we watched the first Harry Potter.  He hasn't seen them all so it'll be a goal to get through them over the next few weeks.

Tonight I plan on just getting my nails did after work and relaxing a bit, then tomorrow is my birthday party at Sweet Afton!  At least 15 people are coming, and Hike will meet loads of friends, and I can't wait.  Then Saturday is our romantic birthday date that's a surprise, and it'll be wonderful.  It's almost here!

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