Monday, December 13, 2010

My, How Time Flies

Welcome, friends.  Pull up a stool, as we have lots to catch up on!  Well, sort of.  I've been quiet, though -- I'm sorry.  I'll have to break this up into a few posts, but I missed you all.

Let's see, we left off right before my birthday party, correct?  I had a bunch of friends out to Sweet Afton, and it was a great time.  The turnout included Hike, work friends, Harpies, Munchers Minus One, Astoria buds, and some others.  All of my worlds were colliding, but I think it went really well!  I did not get too drunk, but I certainly enjoyed my beers and that quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich, that one fried pickle, and some cookies that Schmeather so kindly baked for me.  (Bakes!)  So needless to say, I hit up the taco truck on the way home.  My poor boyfriend wasn't feeling too well, so he was mostly drinking club soda all night, but he stayed as long as I wanted to, helped cover the tab, and paid for my tacos before driving us home.  Which was especially fantastic as it was FREEZING outside.  That walk seems a lot longer when it's 20 degrees out.

Saturday was a lovely relaxing day (I can't even remember what I did, but a lot of it involved phone calls with loved ones), and then Hike picked me up at 7 for my surprise birth-date.  When I got into the car, he gave me a card on which he wrote lovely things and a really nice sweater that he picked out for me!  He also gave me a present that his mom had sent along for me, which was some wonderful-smelling bath products from Victoria's Secret and a nice card, too.  Then we embarked on the birth-date.  We drove into midtown to go see the Rock Center tree and take pictures. It was all Christmassy and fun, and I hadn't seen it this year because I don't work in that area anymore, so I loved it. 

Then we had 9 pm reservations at Spiga on the UWS.  He'd been there once before and was raving about their pumpkin gnocchi, and he'd been wanting to bring me, and I am very glad he did.  The meal was phenomenal.  First, the place was nice and cozy and small and warm, and then we started with a crab- and shrimp-appetizer with a citrus dressing and avocado in a PARMESEAN BOWL, people.  Amazing.  Then we shared the aforementioned pumpkin gnocchi and the duck breast in cognac sauce with baked apples, walnuts, sweet potato and cabbage.  I was just in heaven, and closed my eyes a lot in a food orgasm.  I could not have imagined a better menu for me.  Plus, it was all very romantic.  Oh, and he still wasn't feeling well but he really rallied for the night, which I completely appreciate.

So after dinner he took me to this "secret" Moroccan bar which is a secret because you'd never be able to find it from the street, or actually walk down the stairs, unless you knew you wanted to go there.  There is one small menu outside and no other signage, but downstairs it's all stone-walled with candles and rose petals and cushions and small rooms and Moroccan music.  It was very romantic and I felt like I was in Europe!  Funnily enough, his brother and sis-in-law had pulled up behind us in their car while both parties were driving around looking for parking, so they ended up coming with us to the bar for a drink, which was nice.

Anyway, we had one drink at that bar and were pretty tired, so we headed home, but it was such a great birthday.  I felt so cared for.  Oh, and I looked hot -- I wore a new dress from Express.  It's black and has "bandage" strips on the lower half and a drapey upper half with a V-neck and a bit of short sleeve.  I looked super trim and curvy in the right ways (if I say so myself), and I put my hair up with a pouf then a high pony, and it was really fun to get sexy for the date. 

Sunday I don't remember at all, but I'm sure it was relaxing...

And thus ends the birthday recap, a week too late.  More soon!

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