Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Love is Like a Rollercoaster, Baby

And now let's talk about what else has been going on with little ol' me. Last week was a big one for feeling productive.  I finally got caught up at work, so while there are still some minor settling-in issues (mostly having to do with our computer network), I am much calmer and on top of things.  I also got my yearly review, which was entirely positive and glowing, and I'm getting a raise and a large bonus as a reward for my efforts.  It's very exciting!  I'm going to use the bonus to pay off my student loans, so I will be debt-free by 2011.  I can't wait!  Oh, and I finished my Christmas shopping for the most part, too, so it was a good week for being organized.

But the same day as the review, I got a call from my doctor's office, as I'd had a lady-doc checkup on Monday of last week.  So they needed to see me on Friday but wouldn't tell me why, which spun me into a panic overnight.  I hate HIPA rules because I should be able to sign a waiver saying GIVE ME INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE, ASSHOLES.  At least we had Harpie dinner on Thursday (theme: Bingo's birthday, so each dish had to start with one letter of the word Bingo), so I was distract and reassured by my dear friends. 

Friday morning (after paying $50 copay for a specialist and then waiting 90 minutes to sit with a doctor for a 5-minute conversation) I learned I have a bacterial infection.  I'm not going to give you details, as there are some things that embarrass even me, but basically I am not sure how I contracted it.  That said, it's easily fixed with a strong dose of antibiotics (that I took on Friday, which promptly made me spend the afternoon in the bathroom), so medically I will be/am already fine.

Saturday I went to the gym (yes, I'm back!), ran errands, and caught up with Britch and my mom on the phone.  Then Hike picked me up to go watch the UFC fight with his friends.  Yes, I know.  Initially it was going to be a larger group and still fun (despite the homo-erotic man wrestling) but it ended up being his one guy friend and the two of us.  Standing in a packed bar.  And not eating dinner.  I got a bit low-blood-sugary, but after the fight we shared a sandwich and I perked right up.  Just in time for everyone else to be tired and leave.  It was still a decent night, and I earned points for being "a good sport," as he put it.  Besides, I looked pretty, and I needed to spruce myself up after spending Friday night with him in my PJs with no makeup.  Though he still thought I looked great.  Le sigh.

Sunday I met up with Schmauren and Schmess for dinner at Vesta, and it was delicious and fun.  Such a good treat at the end of a rainy day!  It was good to catch up and eat some meatballs and roasted cauliflower with raisins and pine nuts.  And have a glass of wine.  Siiiigh.  Schmillie went to visit Schmauren this weekend in Boston and I was living vicariously through the stories -- I miss Schmauren and Boston!  I'll have to go up soon.  And Hike came over to Vesta for a few minutes to meet Schmauren (since lives across the street), but then left us to have a ladies' dinner and he went to stay at his brother's for the night.  Then I walked home for bed, full and happy.  And sort of drenched.

And foodwise, I've been good at eating well during the week and on the weekends except for my meals out, and my weight is hovering in the 135-136 range, which I'm pleased with.  I think my goal for the holiday season is to not go any/much higher than that, and then in the New Year I'll try to drop it lower. 

Tonight I want to go to the gym after work then write out some Christmas cards, which will be healthy.  What won't be healthy is the ENTIRE APPLE PECAN STREUSEL PIE that my neighbors gave me for feeding their cats over the weekend.  Argh.  I'm going to freeze 3/4 of it so that I can still have some treats this week, and I think that will help me keep control. 

This week will be relaxing, as it's pretty open and I can enjoy being Christmassy at home.  I started watching the movie Date Night last night, and may I say that it is surprisingly good!  I've even laughed out loud a few times.  And James Franco and Mark Wahlberg are in it!  And that girl from That 70s Show and Forgetting Sarah Marshall who's name I'm forgetting.

Anyway, I think the health situation is resolved for the most part, and I'm entirely head over heels for Hike, and now I just can't wait for Christmas vacation!  I was feeling so good last week and I think the universe gave me an infection as corrective to how amazing my life was, but shove it, universe -- it's still going great.  Or another option is that God decided that I'd just have one really shitty year (2010) but he'd give me a light at the end of the tunnel, and then 2011 could be the best yet.  I'm going with that theory, I think. 

Thanks for reading to the end of this book, champs.

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