Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making the Yuletide Gay Since 1981

Hello snow angels.  Happy Tuesday!  I'm lucky that I'm finally mostly caught up with my work, because I can't focus for the life of me.  I'm so busy organizing my personal life that I'd say I'm only putting 50% effort into the work tasks.  Oh well, happy holidays!

So let's talk about how productive I've been.  I'm such a nerd because this makes me very happy.  Last night I wrote the majority of my Christmas cards after I went to the gym and got back on the elliptical for the first time in forever (I usually prefer the bike).  Then I was at the DMV License Express this morning at 8:40, later than I wanted to arrive, but I was in and out in 10 minutes -- it was so easy and quick!  TWSS.  I also got a glimpse of my new photo on the computer screen when they were processing my renewal, and I think it's an improvement over the bloated horridness of my old one.  I hope.  While my bonus after taxes isn't quite enough to cover my student loans ($400 ish short), I'm going to use a bit of savings and get them paid by end of week.  I'm in good shape with work (despite my lack of effort) and tonight I'm going to cook dinner for Hike.

I plan on making these chicken apple sausages with whipped or baked sweet potatoes and some braised greens that I will invent.  It should be yummy and seasonal, and he already told me it sounded "intoxicating."   I mean, I'd cook anyway, but it's more fun when someone else is amazed.

I can't stop eating the Godiva chocolates that someone sent to our office.  I keep taking comfort in the fact that they're almost gone, but I'm sure another gift package of goodies will arrive soon.  God, I have no willpower whatsoever.  Our work holiday party is going to be at this Brazilian steakhouse, heaven help me.  It's one of those where they bring you meat until you signal that you don't want anymore, and all the guys are already talking major eating contest.  Whereas my goal is "enjoy myself and do not make myself sick."  I mean, that's sort of my life philosophy, but specifically at a meat buffet.  It's this Friday for lunch, and then we'll go out afterwards (if I can stand up) for more drinking festivities.  It'll be fun, but my level of nervousness about my own lack of self-control is ridiculous.  I need to get a grip.

So now I think I've decided that I want an iPod Nano for Christmas (since my oooold iPod isn't going to last much longer), but I'm going to ask my parents.  Well, this is all rambly since nothing exciting is going on, but isn't life grand, mes amies?

And that's what's in my head today.  How is it only Tuesday?  Why isn't it NEXT TUESDAY and almost the holiday?  I am SO EXCITED to go home to Ohiooooo.  Because it's round on both ends and hi in the middle.  Yeah, that's right.

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