Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just the One Problem, Really

Sometimes I wish my vagina could talk.  I would say "Just tell me what's wrong, little one," and it WOULD.  And I would not have to alternate between thinking "Oh, what, this early bleeding?  It's nothing, the antibiotics just overrode my birth control." and "OH MY GOD. My insides are falling out." 

I also need a new doctor.  I hate my doctor's office, at least the staff.  They are the worst.  I wasn't even going to call and then roommate thought I should just to ask, and now I have to call back at 1:30 when he's in, after an unnecessary argument with the nurse lady about which doctor I saw on Friday.  Yes, I saw a different doctor because mine wasn't in the office that day.  It's not a big deal and we do not need to debate who my "normal" doctor is.

The only help that I've found on the internets is this interaction mention: Until further data are available, women using oral contraceptives should be advised of the risk of breakthrough bleeding and unintended pregnancy during concomitant antimicrobial therapy.

So I'm going to imagine this is breakthrough bleeding, since nothing hurts and my other symptoms are all gone.  Oh, and don't worry, there's no chance of an unintended pregnancy right now.  I just keep thinking that I hate my vagina, which is not fair or very positive and pro-women, but damnit.  I should become a nun.

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  1. ahahahahahahhaaaaaha. Yes. Also? Let's discuss our vaginas today at lunch, because mine has been run over by a car.