Monday, February 1, 2010

The Mondays and What I Ate: Monday

Yay, it's that special day again! And sadly I waited to post until the afternoon, which means I am sleepy and brain dulled. That doesn't bode I will probably tell you of my weekend adventures tomorrow. They include two different (and necessary) Irish Goodbyes, one before the cops came to my nail salon, and the other before Mex and I got stuck with a crazy bar tab that we did not sign up for. I also got "tagged" on my chest (above the bosom!) and then later realized the pens were sort of permanent paint, and managed to not leave the house on Saturday. Overall a good, if too quick, weekend. Though now I'm afraid to revisit a few places in Astoria.

How were your weekends, pets? I want to hear.

Foodwise, I didn't do very well. Friday night I had lots of beer but only a few bites of a Cobb salad for dinner, then leftover sausage & potatoes at 4 am. Saturday I shared Indian takeout (so at least didn't gorge) and then for dinner, Greek salad and half of a Chicken Parm hero. Sunday breakfast was one fried egg and the rest of the sausage and potatoes, which were at this point, mostly potatoes, and then I ate leftover Chana Saag (spinach and chickpeas) with rice, then I made bruschetta for dinner which was AMAZING but had quite a bit of mozz. Naughty me, but it was all so good, and I didn't feel fat this morning, plus my pants fit loosely. So this is life.

In the small things that make me happy category, I had ordered six soy jar candles online last week from a lovely woman on Etsy, and they arrived today. I ended up paying about $9 each (including shipping) but they're 10 oz and should last awhile, since they're soy. AND one scent is "First Snow." It's still winter so I can burn holiday-ish scents, right? Also, Mex brought me back a jar candle from Baltimore last week, so I am stocked up again on good smelly things, which bring me much joy. (I like how his idea of a souvenir isn't a cheap keychain, like mine, but something nicer. I think that's good, though it's not really a souvenir, since it was made in Brooklyn.)

And the Grammys were fun to watch last night, if alternately frustrating/amazing. (I yelled at the TV a lot.) I won my bet for best single, but lost for best album, as Gaga was robbed. Also, Taylor Swift is adorable, but singing off key with Stevie Nicks (my namesake) might turn me against her permanently.

Today's special:
B - coffee, Honey Bunches of Oats, skim milk (4)
L - roast turkey and provolone on sandwich thin, L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple(5)
D - Chana Saag with Basmati Rice, salad with tomato, cuke and feta (9-10)
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (1); mozz snack (2)
Total - 21/22
Activity - biking at the gym, 40 mins
Flex points remaining - Let's just pretend these don't exist...since I rarely have any remaining.

More tomorrow, and maybe pictures of my chest tagging...unless they're too creepy.

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