Friday, February 5, 2010

FRRRRIIIIDAY and What I Ate: Friday

Yes, I know it's repetitive, but I'm excited. Though also ready for a nap.

Last night's dinner with Mex was very romantic and fun, PLUS while I didn't order the best stuff health-wise, I didn't overeat, which is big for me. We went to Sanford's on Broadway in Astoria, which is a great date spot. We ordered a Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad and Rigatoni with Veal Meatballs and shared them, but brought home half of each, so really I ate a quarter of each entree portion with two beers. It was delicious and now we'll have weekend leftovers. And ew, I keep saying we.

But what can I say, I'm enjoying this period of romance. There was hand-holding across the table, mooney faces, flirting, and lots of kissing and cuddling once we got home. The affection and romantic thoughtfulness was something missing during our actual relationship, or at least not always as present as I wanted it, and it's pretty great. I'm trying not to overthink/worry about things and just enjoy the good parts right now, as the time to figure the sh*t out will come soon. And I also have quite specific Valentine's Day plans now, which I'm hoping go off without a hitch. (I'm still gunshy of some of his promises, as is normal, I think.)

Anyway, you're probably puking in your mouth now, but it was a great night and I am looking forward to lots of fun weekend plans, too, as well as SNOW! I think the WW diet will go off the rails this weekend, as tonight I'm having drinks & din with Schmauren and Shammi and maybe Schmate at Sweet Afton (which specializes in delicious burgers and mac & cheese) and then tomorrow seeing the Mex and then Sunday is the SuperBowl, which requires beer & wings. But it will be a good time! I'm very much looking forward to catching up with the girls tonight, especially in a very cute hipster-boy-friendly neighbhorhood location. I can be a monk during the week again next week.

So it's futile, but:
B - coffee, Smart Balance, skim milk (5)
L - roast turkey and cheddar on sandwich thin, L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple (5)
D - TBD, but I will try not to stuff myself sick
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (1); beer
Total - TBD
Activity - laughing
Flex points remaining - Let's just forget this, shall we?

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