Friday, February 12, 2010

Henna Party and What I Ate: Friday

Well, it's finally Friday, though I have been spoiled by only working 3 days this past week, and next week will only be 4. I've also been pretty steady with work to do at work, which makes the day go by so smoothly! Except for now, of course, but I think I can kill 45 minutes.

My hair cut last night was very enjoyable, and I'm liking the choppy shorter look, though it's much like cuts I've had in the past. I'm feeling a bit like it's shaped like a mushroom today, however, but once I style it myself, I think that'll fade a bit. I also liked how the stylist didn't chat too much, so there was no small-talk pressure. Although we bonded at the end, as I was explaining my weekend/V-day plans, saying "Well, we broke up, but we're hanging out again," and she was all interested and encouraged because apparently she had a very similar break up recently, except without the reconnection. Though I don't know how my own situation will work out, I told her she should kiss a lot of boys...and generally just when you're forgetting about the relationship, things have a way of resurfacing. Right? And if they don't, by then, who cares?

Speaking of Mex, of course, it's probably pretty unclear what's going on there, and that's OK, because it's not entirely clear to me, either. We're acting like we used to, though some things are better, including his displays of affection and efforts to call/be in touch/check in, which I appreciate. That said, the last time we talked about what was going on, we said "Yeah, we'll figure it out soon." So that was probably 2-3 weeks ago, which in my book, isn't soon anymore. While I won't bring anything up this weekend, I think we're approaching time for a reminder and perhaps a more firm window. The main question for me is whether he's willing to address the reasons we broke up in the first place, i.e. his unhappiness and skepticism about marriage. He'll say things about how he's rethinking that position in passing conversation, but obviously there are some root problems I'd like him to attempt to get counseling on. So that's my big beef, and we'll see if he's strong enough to try. Until then, I'm sort of enjoying it while it's there. I can't really imagine life without him, but if I have to, I will. I just hope we can find a way to work things out.

So tonight is Henna Party with BSH, and I can't wait to see her new studio apartment! I also can't wait for the wine and the catching up and trying this new henna I had to buy today, which hopefully doesn't make our hair fall out. Note the order of that list. I also just got The Hangover from Netflix, and the next disk of The Tudors is arriving tomorrow, so I think this weekend will be a good combination of social events, romance, and laziness! And probably some of my own hangovers.

Food today has so far been the usual, but we'll see what tonight brings. As BSH apparently might have a stress fracture in her foot/ankle region and is now sadly be-booted, there wasn't a lot of food prep, so we'll get something delivered...something delicious. It's the weekend, right? Let me eat cake. (And at least I'm walking to Columbus Circle to meet her after work, so that'll be a few burned calories.)

Also, Blackbeard is leaving tonight for a week's vacation, heading to Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam with his sister. This makes me happy despite not seeing him for a week, as a) he has good taste in vacations and b) he's going with his SISTER which likely means there's no lady friend in the picture. Too bad our interactions very from awkward to stunted and giggly (on my part.) I am still working on that Phase 2.

No other news here, but happy long weekend to you all, and be sure to romance yourself a little. And maybe someone else.

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