Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hibernate and What I Ate: Thursday

I'm not dead, don't worry! This week has been a bit strange, so I apologize for abandoning you, world. Monday I had to stay home sick, so I wasn't really on the internets much, then Tuesday was busy at work and Wednesday we had a SNOW DAY, which was amazing. I stayed home with Mex and watched movies, read our respective books on the couch, and baked Chocolate Shortbread and drank tons of coffee. It was lovely.

That said, my food lately has not been the healthiest. I think I'm stuck in this hibernation mode of sleep and comfort food, and it's been hard to break. I think I should probably weigh myself tomorrow morning for a slap in the butt to get disciplined again, though as we approach the weekend, I'm sure I won't get totally straight until next week. But hey, let's rejoice in the comfort food while we can, ok? Last Saturday I had delicious enchiladas (Pioneer Woman recipe) made by the talented Schmauren, as well as a cheese plate appetizer and then ice cream and cookies for dessert. We burned some of those calories playing Scrabble and Bananagrams at her roomy new apartment, though, I'm sure. Sunday I wasn't feeling so hot, so avoided major SuperBowl parties but did stay in to drink some Miller Light and make Pioneer Woman hot & BBQ wings with Mex...and they were amazing, if I say so myself. And so easy! I don't know if I've ever had better at a restaurant. Then we shared a small tub of Cookies & Cream ice cream for dessert...mmm.

So anyway, I won't get into all the transgressions of this week, but today I'm mostly on the ball. I am getting a spontaneous haircut after work (spontaneous because I only decided today) so hopefully I can be tided over with a granola bar until I get home for a healthy dinner.

The weekend should be fun if caloric, too. Tomorrow night I have another Henna Party with the Brooklyn Sea Hag, which usually means wine/cheese/guac/chips, and then Sunday is a big Valentine's extravaganza. These are the plans as they stand: In the afternoon, Mex thought it would be nice to go to one of our local bars, Sunswick, where we had our first official date almost two years ago. The Celtics are playing as they were on that first date, which is an added bonus for him, and while my first thought was "V-Day basketball? Wah wah," I realized that I will get the romantic stuff later when we go to a lovely 5-course sharable dinner for two with wine pairings at Rest-Au-Rant, another of our favorite date spots. Here is their menu for the occasion. We're eating late as I want to get prettied up for dinner, and after beer and sandwiches in the afternoon, we may need naps, but all in all it should be a lovely day. Here's hoping it all works out... (Yes, I'm skeptical. Who can blame me?)

So I'm not going to tell you what I'm eating today because it's the same old stuff, but I will get back to behaving for longer stretches of time soon, I promise. Or maybe it's more entertaining to tell you about the sinful things I'm eating instead? :) Too bad.

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  1. Yay for a snow day!!! Lucky you! Your Pioneer Woman food sounds delish! Yum! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! 5 courses sounds wonderful:)