Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down and What I Ate

This morning I received an e-mail from a co-worker (with whom I'm friendly) with the subject line "Do you get ashes today?" She was asking if I wanted to go with her to mass this afternoon, which was a lovely offer, but that made me laugh. I did explain that while I (probably confusingly, to her) attend mass at Christmastime, being Protestant, my family never did much of the ashing on this Wednesday...though granted, some Prots do. It is confusing, I realize. We never even gave up anything for Lent, though some of my friends growing up did -- and I just saw someone on FB giving up FBing, which seems like a good pick. Are any of you sacrificing for Lent, and if so, what? I like the concept of doing without for awhile, so I'm considering it. But I'm also terrible with self-discipline, and the fact that I accept that means I'm very set up for failure. Hmm.

In body issues news, I weighed myself last night just to check in (as I usually weigh in the morning, before food, after bathroom), and I hadn't lost all the ground I've achieved so far, which was a relief. It was at about 147, then I used my "end of day" math, which means I subtracted 2-3 pounds, and I'm about even to where I was two weeks ago. I think all the walking this past weekend had to help, and I'm not overeating lately, just eating richer foods. Anyway, that was reassuring, as all weekend I'd felt like a blimp. I think it has to do with lady time, but I was also having neurotic dreams. In one, a male "friend" (in the dream, but I don't know who he was) commented on how I was gaining weight again, then in another, I caught Mex buying perfume for another woman, and then in a third, my mom had somehow gotten a hold of my cell phone and I was in trouble for driving her car to a party without permission. (Obviously that dream was occurring circa 1998.) I think my subconscious is being quite mean to me lately, but thankfully, last night's dreams were just weird but not bullying (i.e. I was wearing a frilly nightgown and a bonnet with ribbons in one.)

Today is very quiet at work, and I did take a short walk at lunch, though it's too cold out to walk for long. I'll move a little more after work, as we're having dinner at Schmate's house and we'll walk there, where she's making her famous Chicken Cups (which apparently have a less-than-great name but are delicious.) I can't wait to try them. I did NOT go to the gym last night, as I walked home in a wet, snowy, slushy world and only wanted to stay inside once I got there. Instead I called my mom, took a bath, started a new book (The Unaccustomed Earth) which I really like so far*, made a healthy dinner, and watched Lost, which was amazing. It was a mental health night, as if I needed another.

*I didn't pay a lot of attention to the cover copy on the book, so I'd forgotten it was long short stories instead of one novel. I was so attached to the characters in the first story that when it ended, abruptly to me, I was really sad and had to put the thing down. But I think that's a good review, right?

Today's eating:
B - coffee, Heart to Heart cereal, skim milk (5)
L - roast chicken and muenster on sandwich thin, L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple (5)
D - Chicken Cups, which are supposed to be quite healthy (?)
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (1); glass of wine (1)
Total - In range, I think
Activity - walking, laughing, typing, whee

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  1. I just want to say well done on your Fat Tuesday, you can't go to the gym or watch what you eat on that day so you shouldn't feel bad about it either. I know I usually give something up, but I am struggling with ideas this year... I actually didn't realize it was F&LT until I was told it was "pancake day" which I had to have explained. However, I did maintain and was lazy and ate a ton, including a burger, fries, onion rings, fajitas, cookies,beer, and a dessert of pancakes with nutella and blueberries (the pancakes were more like crepes, but delicious).