Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Delinquent and What I Ate: Tuesday & Wednesday

I was very bad and skipped yesterday, as you may have noticed. (Though probably not.) I'm sorry! I somehow was busy at work and then when I wasn't busy, I was braindead. I think it was the self-imposed task of telling you about my weekend that was daunting me. (Can we use daunting as a verb that way? I actually don't think so.)

Anywaaaay, I'm slightly perkier now, so let's get this show on the road. First of all, something's going on recently where I am always tired, usually hungry, and really hope I get sick so I can have a guilt-free sick day. I also have been making lots of social plans and am feeling stressed about that, because as I've aged, I've grown to really enjoy my alone/unplanned time, especially now that I don't have as much because I'm a regular worker again. So when I feel all booked up, even if I'm not, it makes me cranky and anxious. And that's happening today, so I may go hermit tonight, as it's my last chance for awhile...but I have to go the gym, too.

Let's talk about the weekend. On Friday I met Ax for "two beers" which I think was four or five, and then Mex came and met us and we all hung out for a bit, then Ax headed home and Mex and I decided to play a little pool before going home ourselves. So we played pool, and ran into some acquaintances at the bar we knew from around the neighborhood, Flip and Charlie. Apparently Flip was leaving to do some DJing at a couple of bars/clubs, and he talked us into going with them, as all the drinks would be free. At this point we're feeling adventurous so we all get in a cab, stop by Flip's apartment (in the projects) to get the address of the first bar, then off we go. When we get there, Flip hits up Mex for the full cab fare (after already milking us for some beers at the first place), and then inside asks me for tip money. At this point we're getting skeptical that the drinks are on the house, especially as Flip isn't even DJing, but we have fun, dance, etc. Some guys had done a body art show there earlier in the evening and I ask them to decorate me, so they "tag" my chest (above the tank top line!) because I remember how much I loved getting my face painted when I was younger. Or now, really. So it was like that...and when I upload pictures, I will show you. One of the pictures may have been a Narwhal. Then things seem to be winding down and we don't want to get hit with the tab after all those drinks were flowing, so we duck outside "for a cigarette" and take off down the street. We eventually found a cab and got home just fine, though I had to wash off the body paint before bed because it was a bit permanent and not fully dry yet. All in all, an adventurous night, but I am a little afraid of Flip. He has a temper and the uncanny ability to blame us for stuff, so this might come back to haunt us. As in, hopefully we won't get shot, but we'll see.

Saturday was a recovery day, and we stayed inside watching TV and movies, especially as it was FREEZING out. Then Sunday Mex left (I know, shut up) and I did my laundry and grocery shopping, then headed to my normal nail salon for a mani/pedi. I arrive when the lady told me she could fit me in, but she wasn't there yet, so I sat on the couch to wait. I noticed that the little room in the back has a sign on the door that says "Joseph's Spa." Creepy. Also, it appeared Joseph was sitting in the main room at one of the mani tables showing a teenage girl something on a laptop. Then the owner aka my nail lady aka Simone comes in, and starts screaming at him, "You can't be in here! Get in your room!" There was lots of yelling, and I gathered that he had signed a contract to rent/run his business out of that back room, but wasn't to be in her main room (which is understandable -- nobody wants a creepy Latino man haunting their nail place.) He wouldn't leave and was calling her crazy, so she said "Fine, I'll go in your room then!" at which point he pushed her down onto the couch and knocked the mirror off the wall and things were just very dramatic. Her 4-year-old daughter was watching this whole thing, and I asked the other worker to take her outside, but apparently she just brought her to the opposite end of the room. Nice memories for the kid. Anyway, I went outside but watched, and the older son of the owner called the cops, and then I said I was leaving and he wanted me to stay as a witness, but I decided there were 4 other people in the salon, and I didn't ask to be part of a crime scene -- I just wanted a relaxing spa treatment. So I left...and after 2-3 years, I may not go back there. I mean, come on...enough that her daughter always plays and yells and distracts everyone while they're working, but now there's violence and 911 calling? No thanks. I went to a nicer-looking place and paid $5 more, but it was worth it for the quiet (and the lady who put on my shoes and socks and zipped up my coat like an Asian Mom!)

Those were my two Irish Goodbyes in one weekend, and I realized I'm not entirely comfortable with the process. Also, I just learned that phrase recently and while I realize it's probably racist or something, I don't really see how it's negative. It just means to leave without telling anyone (or saying goodbye), usually from a party or social engagement, and I think it's funny. Except when I get all awkward about doing it.

My eating yesterday was mostly on track, though I was starving after work and had to stop at the grocery store, and so that hunger combined with a recent craving for seafood (I know, weird) and I bought a quarter pound of grocery store deli seafood salad. Doesn't that sound like the worst? But it filled the empty hole in my tummy. Also I did not go to the gym, but I Skyped with [insert London friend nickname when I think of one] for a long time and we got all caught up. Then there was the adrenaline rush of Lost...

Today's food:
B - coffee, Smart Balance, skim milk (5)
L - roast turkey and cheddar on sandwich thin, L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple (5)
D - roasted veg lasagne; salad with tomato, cuke and feta (7)
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (1); mozz snack (2)
Total - 20
Activity - biking at the gym, 40 mins
Flex points remaining - 35
Weight - 144/45 again. Plateau! But I haven't been as strict, either.

So tomorrow I have a lunch date with a work crush from my former job (let's call him Bruce, as he looks like a young Springsteen) and then dinner with the Mex, so it won't be the best food plan day, but it will be full of boyz...

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  1. um i did not hear about this lunch date! says "insert london nickname wheen you think of one"