Monday, May 2, 2011


I haven't quite managed to start working yet this morning, so I figured I'd go ahead and check in with you, friends.

I'm so out of it, as usual for a Monday morning.  It doesn't help that I'm achy from some Saturday activity (I'll get to that in a bit) (don't be perverted) and my right eye hurts and has a red swollen part on the lower lid.  Is this a sty?  I'm going to look it up now...  EW.  Ok, it may be a sty but it does not look like a pimple or a boil...rather there is a hole in the lower, inner eyelid, a tiny one, and it hurts.  So there. 

Weekends!  Weeks?  How long has it been since I've talked to you?  Things at work are clearing up significantly, since we hired a receptionist who started last week.  She's young but sweet and sharp and I really like her, plus she's so eager to please that she's doing a great job, as opposed to our last, goth-chick burnout person who was rather slow and always wore black.  It's a lovely change of pace.  This means my feeling of drowning at work has been relieved and I'm fairly organized and have a neat to-do list on my desk -- in other words, I'm not stressed about work at the moment.  Amazing.

So last week I walked home three times (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), which felt good and tiring and made me feel a little more in control of this body.  It's four miles home from our new office, so it's a good little hike.  (Ha!)  Tuesday night I saw Source Code with Hike, which was really interesting and suspenseful, and we had Thai beforehand.  I had Veggies and Chicken with Peanut Sauce, which was delicious but probably not great for me with the peanut fat.  Oh well, could be worse.  Then Friday night we went to Red Lobster for dinner with his brother, and shhh, his brother saw a baby roach on the wall next to me and squashed it with a coaster.  We told the waiter, who told the manager, who promptly moved us to a different table, comped all of our meals, and gave us free dessert.  It was totally worth it, and since we moved, I didn't have the creepy-crawly-roaches crawling up my legs feeling!  I was very impressed with their efforts to not have us Yelp about the incident.  OH and I ordered the Broiled Seafood Platter, which was almost the healthiest option, and very delicious.  I did have a few Cheddar Bay Biscuits, however, and once she offered a free dessert, the three of us split this chocolate chip lava cookie with ice cream (ZOMG), but I tried and behaved rather well.  After dinner, his brother's wife joined us and we all saw Fast Five at the IMAX theater.  SO FUN.  It was just really entertaining and I'm so into Vin Diesel, I really can't help it.  I loved it whenever he was on screen -- now if only he'd had a love scene like that one on the hood of a car in the first movie with Michelle Rodriguez.  Swoon.

Saturday I woke up with a headache, probably from allergies and sleeping with the window open, so we relaxed then Hike left for the gym and I finished reading my book club book, finished the Series Finale of the Tudors on DVD, and napped briefly until I felt better.  Then, as it was so nice out, I was inspired to do some weeding in the garden, and moving the big rocks and planting a few things.  It felt nice to be out there, but man, I forgot how much the back of my legs hurt afterwards!  I'm still so sore and stiff, and I think this is what it'll be like when I'm elderly.  I should have stretched but I wasn't even thinking!  In the early evening, Hike helped me take some stuff to the Salvation Army in Astoria, and then I got behind the wheel so we could do a test drive to JFK.  I am going to pick him up next Monday night when he lands from Vegas, and I'm also going to have use of his car while he's gone (whoo), but as I hadn't driven in NYC since I first moved here, it seemed like a trial run wasn't a bad idea.  It went really well ("you exceeded my lofty expectations," said he), even when he remembered I had to exit across three lanes at the last minute.  And it felt so nice to drive again, except in the narrow part of the Grand Central right around Astoria.  It's a little scary there.

Saturday night we met up with Hike's friend and his gf, and the four of us went for dinner in Long Island City at Masso.  I drank these basil lime gimlets that were AMAZING, and I ordered salmon with a balsamic reduction and asparagus, though you can bet I wanted chicken parm or lasagna -- but it was good and filling and I felt very proud of my decision!  Then the four of us went back to my apartment to play Scene It: 80s Edition, and Hike and I SMOKED them, and then it was to bed. 

My firm had given me the Yankees tickets for Sunday afternoon, and it was a gorgeous warm, sunny day here.  We took another couple, friends of mine in Astoria, and we had a nice relaxing afternoon, even though none of us were really Yankees fans (and Hike wore his Mets hat).  I got a little sunburned, which was nice, and we left after the seventh inning to beat the traffic -- and were home in about 20 minutes, since it's so fast to drive from Astoria.  Then some relaxing time at home with Hike while he watched the Celtics/Heat game and I sort of dozed, then we went grocery shopping and I made us turkey sandwiches for supper, and then he left and I settled in for bed and watched The Guardian before sleep.  It was a little cliche but I really enjoyed it!  And I also do love Costner, plus I have a crush on Ashton that never went away, so you know, win all around. 

And that was my lovely, rather full weekend!  Now if I could only buckle down at work and stop thinking about how irritating this eye problem is...grr.  Tonight I'm going to get my nails did, and tomorrow night is book club and then dinner with Schmillie and Schmate, and then Hike will come over afterwards, then we're going to see his mom for an early Mother's Day celebration on Wednesday or Thursday, then he leaves for Vegas on Friday and I have scheduled a FACIAL [Oprah voice].  Saturday I have fun Astoria brunch plans with some ladeez, and then it's my much-anticipated Trader Joe's run, and that's about the extent of my plans.  I may try for a Target trip while I have the car, too, but I'm going to run out of room to store all of my goodies in my apartment!  He gets back on Monday night, so it'll be strange to sleep alone all weekend, but I think it'll be nice to have a little distance so we can remember how much we appreciate each other.  A little absence to make the heart grow fonder, you know?  As long as his absence doesn't involve any strip clubs, but he's given his word and is apparently not interested in them, anyway.

So that's what's up, folks.  I'm doing a little better with the weight control, I'm doing a little worse with the smoking, and I'm trying to relax more and worry less.  The fabric of my life, right?

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